Name Natalia – meaning, psychology, the fate of the name

The female name Natalya is very beautiful and positive in meaning. Did you know that every complaint that a person receives from birth has an esoteric code. Finding out the name code means understanding your destiny. Experts helped us find out the nature of the name Natalia. Bologny’s editors are ready to share this interesting information with you.

Origin and meaning

Natalia name

This gripe has a long history. It has Latin roots. It comes from the late Latin phrase “Dies Natalis Domini”. Its literal translation is God’s birthday.

The girl who received such a complaint has a very warm energy. She has many virtues that make her stand out from others.

The direct meaning of the name Natalia is native. Its bearer differs from others in special kindness. People around her appreciate her friendliness and friendliness. Such a woman will always help with advice, support in difficult times and charge with her inexhaustible positive.

Interesting fact! In the modern world, every 8th newborn girl is called “Natalia”. Day named Natalia (day of the angel) – September 8.

Popular foreign forms:

  • Tasha.
  • Natalie.
  • Natty.

Numerology name

We asked our expert numerologist, Lyudmila Bakalina, to represent the female name Natasha in numerical terms. We share with you the words of an expert.

luda bokalina

Dear Natalia! Your number is 2. Twos are characterized by such character traits as self-doubt, ambition, gentleness, diplomacy, tact and patience. You are great strategists! You know how to solve this or that problem with the help of reason and intuition.
Also, the following can be said about deuces. You easily give yourself up to what you love. You know how to achieve high results in work. You know how to set clear goals for yourself and achieve them. Keep it up!
The Moon protects you. This means that you have excellent intuition. Learn to “turn it on”.

Natasha’s character

Natalia's character

Baby Natasha is an incredibly charming girl. She is very kind and gentle, loves to communicate. Doesn’t make many friends. With children’s comrades, he prefers to maintain relationships throughout his life. People around her appreciate her kindness, responsiveness and honesty.

Important! The bearer of this name hates lies. Has difficulty forgiving those who once deceived her.

Has a gentle character. Easily makes new acquaintances and makes contact with different people. Can find an approach to anyone, even closed and insincere people.

Main advantages:

A woman named Natalia can be shy. But, after a minute of communication with a stranger, she reveals her best qualities, which she disposes to herself.

She has an important difference – inexhaustible optimism. The bearer of this gripe is never discouraged! It looks weak, but inside it is incredibly strong. Doesn’t get upset if something doesn’t go according to plan, but starts thinking about something new. Always encourages others.

Natasha is an optimist

She is an independent and responsible person you can rely on. Will never leave a weak or desperate person in trouble. Natasha is a joyful person. She often laughs, charging others with kindness and happiness.

If he is sad, he will try to hide it so as not to upset friends and family. Very sincere. She does not tolerate lies and does not deceive herself (the exception is a lie for the good).

It is interesting that all Natalia without exception have a tendency to improve. They are naturally endowed with creativity and tons of talents. They also differ in the presence of leadership potential.

The bearer of this name is a very strong woman. Her benevolence and willpower help her to survive any adversity. She is fearless. In solving difficult issues, he relies primarily on himself. Very decent and honest, sensual and feminine. Capable of charming anyone.

Marriage and family

Natasha married

Natalia is not only naturally beautiful, but also a very intelligent woman who knows how to conquer a man she likes.

She does not know what a shortage of fans is, because from early childhood many admirers follow her. She is in no hurry to get married. He prefers to live the first 20 years of his life exclusively for himself, enjoying freedom and youth.

Important! Natalya, who get married too early (before 18-20 years old) do it against the backdrop of strong feelings.

By virtue of his decency and honesty, he strives to build only serious relationships with a man. It is hard to perceive stories about discord in a couple, since she herself is peace-loving. Natasha will not tolerate a rude and unworthy attitude towards herself. He immediately distances himself from a potential abuser.

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The name Natalya - numerology, psychology and fate

Natalia will be happy with a man who:

  • Self-sufficient.
  • Respects her opinion.
  • Does not seek to gain the upper hand over her.
  • Does things for her.
  • Always supports her.

What man does she not definitely build a long and happy relationship with? Overly self-confident, deceitful and proud. She will also begin to avoid angry people who do not value others.

Natalia is a very good mother. She is loving, caring and very attentive. Nevertheless, she tries to educate her children to be brave and independent, to match herself.

Natasha with children

She usually maintains a warm relationship with her children forever. They never leave their mother Natalia, they always try to be present in her life, even when they grow up.

Work and career

Natalia is a born leader. She knows a lot about strategic planning and always tries to get the upper hand in business. Conflicts of any kind in the team are unacceptable for her.

The name Natalia - numerology, psychology and fate

Confrontation is something that Natalia, who is peaceful by nature, will try with all her might to avoid. No, she is not afraid to defend her opinion, she just does not like the atmosphere of abuse. Such a woman in dealing with work issues would rather try to agree peacefully than openly express her disagreement. If it does not work out, he distances himself, waiting for the best time to insist on his own.

Important! If Natasha is endowed with powers of power, then, to the detriment of her peace-loving views, she will definitely insist on her own.

Best of all, the work of a leader or a psychologist is suitable for her.


Natalia is a strong woman, not only psychologically but also physically. She deserves the best, but unfortunately she has a predisposition to certain diseases.

The carrier of this name may develop problems with the musculoskeletal system or joints with age. Prevention is regular activity. Dear Natasha, take time for yourself, beloved! Remember to keep fit. Your health depends on it.

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