Name Victoria – meaning, numerology and psychology of the name

Victoria is a beautiful female name popular in the countries of the post-Soviet space. We conducted a study, having talked with a psychologist, numerologist and esotericist, in order to understand what the fate of the girl named Victoria will be like.

The meaning and origin of the name

Name Victoria
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It is believed that this grievance is of ancient Roman origin. It comes from the word “Victoria” and is translated as victory. Probably, the ancient Romans borrowed this word from the Latin language.

Interesting! The people of Ancient Rome worshiped the goddess of victory and military glory, Victoria, in the hope that she would bring them good luck in battle.

Vika is, without a doubt, a very beautiful female name, which is common not only in Russia, but also abroad. It has a lot of diminutive forms: Vikulya, Vikusya, Vikki and others.

According to esotericists, a woman who received this reproach from birth is very beautiful and strong in spirit. Such a sound set, which is associated with divine power, has a powerful energy. The Victoria woman has every chance of success in life, the main thing is not to miss them.

Victoria Numerology

Numerologist of COLADY magazine Lyudmila Bakalina presented the name Victoria in numerical terms.

luda bokalina

Dear Victoria!

Your number of destiny is 5. Peters are characterized by pronounced emotionality, emotiveness, temperament, charisma. You are always striving for something. Sitting still is not your style. All your life you grow and develop in several directions at once.

Vika can simultaneously build a successful career and realize herself in family life. She always succeeds in everything, as she is very energetic. Women like her tend to strive for justice and freedom.

Victoria’s character

From early childhood, or rather from elementary school, baby Vika demonstrates her primacy to the world. She is strong, naughty, very energetic and mischievous. Hates boredom and long sitting in class. Considers studying boring.

Important! Astrologers claim that a woman with this name is patronized by the planet Uranus, hence her indefatigable energy and tendency to demonstrate her strength to others.

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In the character of this young beauty, there are definitely masculine traits, such as:

  • Fearlessness.
  • Self confidence.
  • Courage.
  • Determination.
  • Ambition.

Some respect her, others are frankly afraid. Vicki’s strong energy can be felt a mile away. You cannot call her a brawler, nevertheless, due to a heightened sense of justice, she can make enemies for herself, and at any age.

The bearer of this name believes that all people, without exception, should live according to their conscience, be punctual and never put their own interests above public interests. Unfortunately, this position is not shared by all people. Those who are used to living outside the framework often argue with her. She, in the fight for justice, can go beyond and greatly offend.

But after a short time, he will regret the rude word or tactless action. However, Victoria is very difficult to admit her guilt. She often blames other people for her troubles and conflicts, and not always deservedly.

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As a life character, she is unambiguously positive. She is characterized by:

  • Strength of mind.
  • Adventurism.
  • Creativity.
  • Seriousness.
  • Demandingness.

A woman with that name will not offend those who love her. She will gladly take responsibility for another person, become his mentor. Will not leave you in trouble, will help you with advice. You can safely rely on a friend like her.

Nevertheless, behind the mask of a strong woman hides a vulnerable, gentle baby Vika, who, despite her energy and eccentricity, feels comfortable in childhood. Sometimes she is nostalgic and dreams of returning to that time again, since at school she felt as protected as possible.

Growing up, she does not lose friends. He is happy to meet with them even after graduation. He takes life with great interest, so he has many different hobbies. With age, Vika acquires a very valuable ability – to skillfully hide her true feelings and emotions from others.

Family and Children

The bearer of this name has a special gift – the ability to love deeply. Not every woman manages to truly experience this wonderful feeling, so Victoria is a very lucky one.

Even in the first decades of her life, she falls deeply in love with her peers, but those, fearing a strong female energy that they cannot understand, shun her. Therefore, the girl named Vika often suffers from unrequited love at school.

Closer to the age of 20, she clearly understands what kind of man she wants to see next to her. He should be interesting, educated, inquisitive, sincerely interested in her life, show concern, be punctual and not hesitate to express his feelings violently.

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“Tikhoni” and “white crows” were never interested in the bearer of this criticism. On the contrary, she is interested in men who are capable of strong emotions, to match themselves.

For Victoria, there is a high probability that her first marriage will go wrong. It is likely that due to the lack of life experience, she will choose a couple for a couple who does not suit her at all. But, closer to the age of 27, the Universe will give her a chance to meet “the one”.

A caring, faithful wife and a wonderful loving mother will come out of her. Family for such a woman is the main priority in life. She will never neglect the interests of the household due to work or meeting with friends.

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Career and finance

Studying with the bearer of this name is not always “smooth”. At school, she teaches only those subjects that are interesting to her. At the institute, the situation is similar. But usually she is determined with her future profession in her youth, up to 17-20 years.

Works hard to get what he wants. Victoria should choose professions in which she can develop as a specialist and move up the career ladder. She is patronized by the planet Uranus, which means that she has every chance of achieving financial well-being.

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Professions that suit her:

  • Lawyer, attorney.
  • Director of the school, rector at the university.
  • Professor, teacher.
  • Narrow specialist.

Vika will be able to achieve success in any field of activity if she is sincerely interested in her.

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Victoria Health

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Vika is strong not only spiritually, but also physically. She rarely gets sick, even in childhood, and if the ailment tries to unsettle her, she quickly returns to normal.

In order to stay in excellent physical shape for as long as possible, the bearer of this name must eat right and play sports, for example, fitness.

Does this description suit you? Or do you know any other Victorias? Share your observations and write about them in the comments.

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