Nastasya Samburskaya about her dream, career and outlook on life

“The stars have only money and fame on their minds!” – someone else would have said if he didn’t know Nastya. Nastasya Samburskaya is a Russian theater and film actress, model, singer, and more recently also Instagram is a blogger. This is a unique person who is not afraid to express his opinion on various topics.

Nastasya Samburskaya
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On her page, Samburskaya asked subscribers to leave interesting questions for her. Later she answered them honestly, openly. The questions concerned not only the life of the actress, but also family life, career and relationships.

Samburskaya’s view of life values

Nastasya is a girl – a mystery. No one can imagine what she is thinking, however, after the question about the main dream, everyone wants to smile.

“The main dream is to live an interesting life, comfortable, filled with interesting events, emotions and achievements.”

Samburskaya values ​​her own comfort, she wants to take everything from life, which is why, most likely, she performs on stage, where she feels like a fish in water.

Nastasya Samburskaya 2
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For Nastasya, the soul is important, not how a person looks. As she herself states: “Tits can be inserted, the soul is more difficult to pump.” That is why she shows her real emotions on stage, and also loves her acting with all her heart.

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The actress left a window in her stories with a proposal to ask her a question. Questions rained down: “How can I leave my husband?”, “What should I do with my jealousy?” However, the actress does not like to decide other people’s fates, because she is not a family psychologist. She’s just a girl who loves to joke, so she answers such questions with humor.

Career attitude

Everyone knows Samburskaya, first of all, as an actress of the Bolshoi Theater. This is true, but many were struck by her departure from the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. There, the actress played many roles, was always in the spotlight, but Nastasya does not regret a bit that she left: “That’s what he was, what happened there, not a moment!” This is how the blogger comments on his departure.

Nastasya Samburskaya 4
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Knowing acting, having extensive experience, Samburskaya would never have gone to teach. According to her, it is very difficult to help a person reveal his own nature, almost impossible.

“Teaching is a calling, and being a bad teacher and asserting yourself on students is awful.”

She believes that a person should be able to present his subject, to make the student fall in love with science. Nastasya herself admits that in her life she came across terrible teachers who mocked students and received real pleasure for this.

Relationship to friends

Samburskaya understands that friends can come and go. It’s completely normal that over time you realize that some friends are not at all who they say they are. “Thank you for your support, for the experience, for the time, and we go further” – this is how Nastasya forgives her old friends and does not regret the loss a bit.

Nastasya Samburskaya 5
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If Nastasya is not asked for help, then she is unlikely to provide it. She understands that she is responsible only for her own life, she cannot shift other people’s destinies and relationships onto her shoulders.

Attitude towards films and books

The actress loves to watch the movie “Exchange leave”. This is her favorite lyrical comedy and she can watch it 2 times a year for sure! The star does not talk about other favorite films, however, this recommendation should already be taken into account.

From books Samburskaya likes to read autobiographies. She cannot tolerate lies, loves to re-read the truth. When she reads success stories, she gets inspired, because she perceives real experience, and not a simple and beautiful story.

Nastasya Samburskaya 6
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Nastasya Samburskaya is an honest and open person. She is self-sufficient, and also a little harsh in answers, but this harshness is not followed by any reproach, she just has a kind of communication style that is unique to her.

She soberly evaluates life, does not value lies and cannot tolerate betrayal. She is a strong person because she will not blame others for her own problems. She will deal with them herself. For Samburskaya, the soul is important, not the available cash in his pockets.

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