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Singer Natalia Koroleva became famous back in the 90s and still continues to delight fans with bright recognizable images: rhinestones, sequins, shiny fabrics, colorful floral prints and, of course, high heels. Our team of experts decided on a bold experiment: to offer Natalia a different wardrobe that would successfully highlight the singer’s natural qualities, on the one hand, and correspond to her status as a modern luxurious woman, on the other.

Natasha Koroleva

Step one: define the type

The key to a well-chosen wardrobe is a well-defined type. In the case of Natalia Koroleva, this is not at all difficult: miniature growth, delicate bone structure, hourglass body type with a pronounced waist, well-defined breasts and hips, soft cheeks, large eyes, rather plump lips.

There is a family of romantics – the embodiment of femininity and the power of Yin. But since there is some sharpness, angles in the bone structure of Natalia, she is not a pure romantic, but theatrical. So the type is theatrical romantic.

Step two: choosing landmarks

There are a lot of Natalia’s “sisters” in Hollywood by type:

Salma Hayek

  • Rachel Weisz,
  • Kim and Kourtney Kardashian,

Rachel WeiszChristina Aguilera,

New image of Natalia Koroleva - an experiment with dressing up

Kat Graham

It is easy to see that they all stand out for their feminine forms, smooth lines, a combination of cuteness and a certain “peppercorn”, a share of “bitchiness”. Theatrical romantic, as a rule, is distinguished by a bright, sultry appearance, strong energy, the appearance of a fatal beauty, a vamp woman.

Salma Hayek and Rachel Weisz are perhaps the best examples of dressing a theatrical romantic in adulthood. It is their images that we will take as the basis of Natalia’s future wardrobe and try to create the image of the queen of the modern stage.

Step three: make up a wardrobe, taking into account examples and recommendations

When forming a wardrobe for a theatrical romantic, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  • short stature;
  • curvaceous forms with a delicate bone structure;
  • predominance of Yin (feminine).

In other words, our goal is to emphasize the femininity given by nature, while not turning the girl into a squat, shapeless fat woman or caricature Carmen in lace and ruffles (and there is such a risk, given the miniature growth of all theatrical romantics).

You can maintain balance with the help of tight-fitting and moderately fitting models, smooth and soft lines in the silhouette, draperies. It is very important to designate a thin waist – this is the main trump card of theatrical romantics. In general, the style should repeat the curves of the figure and slightly complement and embellish them, for example, with the help of basses, flounces, bows, V-shaped necklines. Thin, soft and flying fabrics, lace, silk, velvet are recommended for this type.

But what the theatrical romance should definitely avoid is any hard and strict lines, geometry, angularity, rough textures: leather, metal, rough denim. Theatrical romantic and oversized models will not decorate – in general, any baggy is strictly contraindicated for girls of this type, since it will not only “kill” femininity in them, but also heavily weight the silhouette, ground them, making them stocky and shapeless.

So, what will suit our heroine Natalia Koroleva?

Business lady… Everyday and business wardrobe for Natalia is based on tight-fitting things that emphasize a feminine figure in calm pastel shades. It is based on tops, turtlenecks, and fitted dresses, and is inspired by the street style of the Kardashian sisters.

Business style of Natalia Koroleva

Romantic nature… Theatrical romantic’s contemporary Carmen is a vibrant, energetic woman whose wardrobe is full of rich colors and playful shapes. Wrap dresses and skirts, thin flowing blouses, overalls and lightweight trousers are ideal.

Romantic style of Natalia Koroleva

Evening out… For an evening out, we choose fitted dresses to the floor or knee length, with a V-neck. No strict lines, suits and jackets – we focus on femininity with draperies, belts and thin flying fabric. The colors are juicy, bright. We definitely dilute the black classics with large gold jewelry located at the face, and bright accents in the form of a clutch or belt.

Evening style of Natalia Koroleva

Natalia Koroleva was very lucky with her appearance – her bright and at the same time feminine type is rarely found among Slavic women. If we correctly cut everything that nature has endowed it with, then we will get a real fatal beauty.

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