Natural makeup without makeup for every day step by step

Step-by-step natural makeupNatural makeup is a convenient way to highlight your dignity and hide imperfections, even for those girls who don’t like to use makeup. This make-up is perfect for a strict dress code, serious events where you need to look as discreet as possible.

When creating natural makeup, it is very important to do everything in such a way that the makeup adorns the face and at the same time is as invisible as possible. To do this, you need to adhere to the following rules.

1. The skin of the face must be moisturized

Any make-up starts with a thorough study of the skin. Let’s start by preparing for the makeup.

  • Moisturize your skin before applying cosmetics. To do this, after applying the toner, we use a moisturizer and let it absorb for a few minutes.

Natural makeup step by step

2. The tone should be light

In the case of natural make-up, everything is complicated by the fact that the foundation should not lie too tightly, since it is precisely nude make-up that implies a slight natural glow of the skin.

To do this, I recommend giving preference not to dense tonal foundations, but such as BB cream and CC cream.

How to do natural makeup

  • For application, we take a very small amount of the product. It is best to transfer it to your skin using a soft and damp egg-shaped sponge.
  • Apply foundation using light swabs, then blend.
  • Use a thin layer of concealer to work around the eye area. Try not to use a thick product. Cover any remaining pigmentation and imperfections with a spot of concealer.

In nude makeup I recommend avoiding powder if your skin type allows it, as it usually lays down rather thick.

If your skin is prone to oily, then you can use powder, but this must be done with a large fluffy brush made from natural bristles.

  • Apply a small amount of powder to the brush, shake it lightly and gently apply the product to the face, touching the skin very lightly.

This way, you get an even complexion without looking like a mask. Your skin will have a natural light glow that has nothing to do with oily sheen.

3. A minimum of makeup on the eyes

It is necessary to highlight the eyes in such a way as to use very little cosmetics.

Natural makeup without makeup

  • I recommend using a small amount of taupe eyeshadow to accentuate the crease of the eyelids and the lower eyelid.
  • However, this will not be enough. Therefore, use a brown pencil to work out the space between the eyelashes. Close your eye, pull back the upper eyelid a little and paint over the skin on the lash line with a well-sharpened pencil. This should be done only for the upper eyelid. This will give you a well-shaped eye without too much makeup.
  • Finish off your eye makeup with one to two coats of mascara. Blondes are better off using brown mascara: it will look even more natural.

4. More blush, highlighter only on the cheekbones, less sculptor

Be sure to use blush. In natural makeup, I would even recommend applying them before applying the sculptor, and not as usual, that is, vice versa.

Natural makeup for every day

  • Try to use blush in subtle shades. While they should be visible, don’t go overboard. To do this, as is the case with powder, take a small amount of the product on the brush and shake it off before applying.
  • For the highlighter, apply with a fan-shaped brush, not with your fingers. In natural makeup, it is best to use it only on the cheekbones.
  • Finally, if you think you want to make your face look slimmer, you can resort to using a sculptor. However, in this case, it is better to pick up a little product on the brush and make the application lines a little shorter, limiting ourselves to 4-5 cm from the temple.

5. Natural shades of lipstick, “no” – a contour pencil

It is acceptable if the lip contour is not perfectly graphic. This does not mean that lipstick should be strong for him, no. However, it is quite possible to do without using a contour pencil: apply lipstick right away.

Natural lip makeup

In general, you can use tinted lip balm and lip gloss instead of lipstick. The main thing is that the shades are as natural as possible: starting from a color close to the natural pigment of the lips and ending with pinkish shades.

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