New items and trends of fashionable swimwear for summer 2019

Shows of top designers have passed and the hits of the season in beach fashion have long been determined.

Let’s figure out which models are most relevant in the summer of 2019, what is worth spending money on and not losing it.

Fashionable summer swimwear 2019

Overlapped bodice

A popular option today is a top with long, thin straps that crisscross the front effectively.

Overlapped bodice

Such models, alas, are not universal, and look great only on girls with a chiseled figure. If there are imperfections, then it is worth making a choice in favor of other models.

High Cut Thigh Bikini Bikini

In the summer of 2019, many brands suggested opening the hips as much as possible, raising the jumpers to the waist. This is a good option for those who want to emphasize long legs and thin waist.

Bikini with thin straps

Perfect for those who have an unexpressed waist, not to mention the owners of parameters close to ideal.

And refrain from such models stands for those who have a problem area – the sides and noticeable depressions in the thighs. In such cases, it is worth choosing a bikini with a standard fit.

Leotard decorated with a belt

Another option that will help emphasize the waist is a swimsuit decorated with a belt.

Swimsuit decorated with a belt

Both one-piece and separate models are relevant, and the belt can be part of the swimsuit itself or an additional accessory. The main thing is to choose the right belt if it does not come with a swimsuit.

Today, neon options made of transparent plastic are especially relevant and, if such a belt is in harmony with the selected set, then you can safely combine it.

If the waist is wide relative to the hips, then you should not choose thin belts, but stop at wide ones.

One-piece swimsuits decorated with unusual cutouts

And the conservative one-piece swimsuit is undergoing changes: now frank options that reveal more of the body are gaining popularity.

One-piece swimsuits decorated with unusual cutouts

Swimwear with ruffles

Such models are perfect for those who wish to add volume to a particular part of the body or hide imperfections.

Swimwear with ruffles

So, the lower part of the bikini with frills will form a more feminine silhouette, visually rounding the hips. The ruffled bikini top will hide your small breasts.

Long Sleeve One-Piece Swimwear

Most often these are sports models that look unusually piquant in combination with a stand-up collar and a zipper on the chest.

Long Sleeve Swimwear

Perhaps not everyone will like the long sleeve option, however, for the sake of an interesting shot, it is quite possible to resort to such a model.

As for the colors, then you should pay attention to those that are most suitable for the type of appearance. In particular, skin and hair color must be considered.

Note that live coral became the color of 2019 according to the Pantone Color Institute; it is presented in the summer collections of many designers.

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