New techniques and types of hair coloring, so as not to stain the roots every month

New techniques and types of hair coloring to avoid frequent root correctionThe colourist’s techniques and a wide range of creative coloring techniques, if not absolutely exclude the problem of regrown roots, then significantly extend the moment of mandatory correction, saving time, finances, and maintaining hair health.

Let’s dwell on each of the techniques in more detail, discuss the distinctive features and strengths in order to choose the best coloring option or a new bright image. There is such a variety of fashion trends that it is imperative to weigh the pros and cons.

So, let’s begin.

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  1. Ombre
  2. Sombre
  3. Bronding
  4. Shatush
  5. Nude Hair and Babylights

New techniques and types of hair coloring to avoid frequent root correction

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A classic of the genre in creating a smooth transition from darkened hair roots to lighter ends – coloring with the beautiful name Ombre, which means “shadow”.

This is the base of the gradient painting. The principle of operation in this technique is to select a shade for the root zone, which is as close as possible to the natural hair color. From the middle of the strand, the color is stretched for lighter ends. The main thing is that its difference is only a few tones, providing a natural effect.

Ombre staining

If the master in the salon offers you to make Degrade or Gadient, you should know that these are just other names of the same Ombre coloring style, which does not lose its popularity.

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There is a conditional qualification of this method in terms of the number of used shades, smoothness of the transition and the height of painting.

Ombre Style Strengths:

  • A spectacular, striking look that is suitable for all age groups.
  • The ability to smoothly change color without harming the hair.
  • Such staining visually stretches the face. For some, this will turn out to be a plus, but for others it will only be a minus, so you should definitely take this fact into account.

In the wake of the fashion for rainbow coloring and bright, bold images, such an interpretation of the classic gradient appeared as Colombre… The lower lightened part of the curls turns into a rich juicy ensemble of rainbow tones or muted pastel motifs.

Colombre is a riot of fantasy, a play of color and light.

Colombre staining


The style of soft, almost imperceptible coloring, with a romantic nickname: “Kiss of the Sun”.

The main part of the hair is colored in a tone identical to the natural one, and individual, rather wide, strands are lightened by only one or half a tone, creating the effect of hair burnt out in the sun. Thanks to this technique, pleasant sun glare appears in the hair.

Such a different blond: bleaching, lightening, pickling, blonde hair

Sombre staining

This coloring is especially suitable for those who value naturalness, or want to smoothly return to their natural color.

Bronzing, Venetian and Californian highlights

California highlights look harmoniously and advantageously only on girls with a light natural shade of hair.

California highlights

But Bronding and Venetian highlights – This is ideal for brunettes and brown-haired women.


In fact, all of these styles are multi-stage complex coloring using five or more tones that add up to a very natural visual effect, beautiful play of light and a stylish look. Unlike classic highlighting, the strands are colored with an indent from the root zone, and do not have a clear horizontal transition. Therefore, this type of coloring does not require frequent correction: in the absence of obvious gray hair, the hairstyle will retain its well-groomed appearance for a long time, and you will contact the hairdresser every two or three months.

Venetian highlights

Bronzing creates visual volume on fine and weak hair, which will be an advantage for some.


One of the most gentle gradient techniques that is suitable for any age is Shatush staining.

It will renew your look, but keep it natural. It will visually seem that the beauty of your hairstyle is one hundred percent merit of nature.

The whole secret lies in a special technique of applying paint, due to which a soft color transition effect and additional visual volume are created. The master retreats from the roots 4-7 cm, and staining is not done along the entire length of the curl. The indisputable advantage is the absence of the need for frequent correction and coloring of the roots, as well as respect for the health of the hair.

Shatush coloring

There are the following Shatush staining techniques:

  • Light or zonal. When the result of working with color remains barely noticeable and is as close as possible to the natural shade of the hair.
  • Contrasting with ombre element. Emphasis is placed on two or more tones lighter than the base.
  • With highlights. From the beginning, the master performs classical highlighting, and then shatush. This is a rather complex staining technique and requires a lot of skill, tangible time and financial costs.
  • Brushed shatush for smoother color transitions.
  • Shatush without bouffant can only be performed by a very experienced colorist, since it is necessary to manually stretch the color along the curls so that the transition is smooth and harmonious.

Shatush will perfectly hide gray hair or correct an unsuccessful highlighting.

But, if you have rare hair, then you should refuse to dye Shatush, as it will only emphasize, and not hide the lack of volume, unlike Bronding.

Also, girls with short or curly hair should opt for something else, since the essence of this coloring style is in the overflow of color, which is lost with insufficient length or in too intricate curls.

But straight or wavy hair, on the contrary, is highlighted and highlighted perfectly.

Modern sophisticated hair dyeing techniques

Hairdressing trends this season more and more go towards naturalness. If recently iridescent hair colors were at the height of fashion, now shocking colors are the choice of young people and creative people. The absolute preponderance is behind the calm tones of “nature”.

On this wave, two new techniques in color have emerged:

  • Effective Beybilights.
  • Nude Coloring.

Nude hair

This super popular color style came to hairdressing from the world of makeup. Its essence is in imitation of the color of natural hair. One gets the impression that it is staining without staining. In fact, working in this technique is extremely difficult, it is based on the selection of many semitones, individual for each. The color turns out to be rich, rich, very lively.

Nude hair

Performing nude coloring is a painstaking business, and it can take several hours, but subsequent correction or salon care for such coloring will not be needed: with regrowth, the hair will have a natural look, and the hairstyle will not lose its beauty. The only exception will be the fact that there is a large amount of gray hair, which in a month or two will need to be tinted.


The dyeing technique, which is most consistent with the trend of naturalness, with the self-explanatory name “how hair fade in children” – Babylights.

The trick of this style is that the master applies the coloring composition of a lighter shade broadly and sweepingly only on some selected curls, especially paying attention to the areas framing the face and the ends along the entire length of the hairstyle. The color transition is smooth, not the same as in highlighting. This is a gentle technique, as only one third of the entire scalp is stained. Toning during this coloring is not carried out. Root tinting is not required.


Babylights is suitable for girls with any hair length, color and structure. Even with very short haircuts, there is where to add sun glare to liven up the native hair color or to highlight accents.

Brown-haired and brunettes of babylights are allowed to soften the aggressive dark color with caramel, ash and chocolate highlights. The hairstyle will visually become younger, fresher, brighter – which, at times, is a godsend for dark-haired girls.

The main thing for fair-haired women of fashion is to decide on a skin tone in order to choose the winning one in the richness of tones: ash, platinum or gold.

Babylights is a real salvation for fair-haired people from going into an obsessive redhead or canary yellow dirty color. Thanks to the transitions of tones, the color ceases to be dull and ordinary. Perhaps for this group of girls, babylights are what the doctor ordered.

And the most relish is that no correction or touch-up is required at all. The only thing that will make you repeat the procedure is a short haircut.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to choose a staining technique that, upon regrowth, practically does not require subsequent salon care.

The main thing is to correctly take into account the features of appearance: skin color, face shape, structure and volume of hair, type of haircut and age-related changes in order to hide the unnecessary and emphasize the necessary.

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