New Year’s dresses, makeup, hairstyles for pregnant women

There is not much time left before the New Year holidays. And we women, even when we are in an interesting position, want to look great. A feminine look is made up of the following factors: a well-chosen dress, a beautiful hairstyle and impeccable makeup.

Makeup, hairstyle and dress for pregnant women for the New 2014

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Secrets of holiday makeup for pregnant women for the New Year

Make-up completes the image, adds mystery to a woman and hides minor imperfections. A pregnant woman does not need daily make-up – she is already beautiful from her naturalness. But New Year’s Eve is still a reason to look 100%. Pregnancy makes its own adjustments to the appearance of a woman, therefore makeup for pregnant women is different from the makeup that was before

12 Steps to Perfect New Years Makeup

The appearance of age spots, skin problems (the skin becomes dry or, on the contrary, oily), the occurrence of acne – many pregnant women face this. Therefore, make-up for pregnant women should not be defiant, bright
Pregnant makeup for the New Year

Where to begin?

  • First you need hide skin imperfections using a make-up base. To do this, you can use cream powder or light-colored foundation.
  • Then apply eye shadow or use eyeliner… To accentuate the eyes, i.e. to make them more effective, you should use a pencil in the same tone line with the eyeshadow applied.
  • Thereafter – give length and volume to your eyelashes using mascara. It should be hypoallergenic, however – like all cosmetics used by a pregnant woman. With lipstick or gloss, you need to create the desired image and try to make the contour and corners of the lips flawless, high-quality traced.
  • At the end of the makeup, you can highlight cheekbones with blush… To do this, you need to apply blush from the temples to the corners of the lips, then the face will visually take on an oval shape, and it will seem fresh.

What hairstyles will be comfortable and beautiful on New Year’s Eve?

For a beautiful hairstyle, you need to use styling products (foams, gels, mousses, varnishes, etc.). But you are a future mother, and from now on, while the child is in your womb, should take care of the baby’s health… Therefore, you need to have less contact with chemical cosmetics.
Pregnant hairstyle for the New Year

Maternity hairstyles can be done based on harmless natural products… For example, as a gel, you can use gelatin soaked in water, and instead of varnish – sugar syrup
Pregnant hairstyle for the New Year
Will always be in trend Ponytails and various tufts

A future mother with long hair of black or dark brown color will become a real queen of New Year’s Eve if she does ponytail hairstyle, for example like this:

  • Pregnant hairstyle for the New Yearwash your hair;
  • lower your head down and dry your hair with a hairdryer;
  • make a small pile of root hair;
  • create a ponytail from the hair and put on a wide elastic band on a fabric base;
  • the tail itself can be simply combed or wrapped on curlers or with an iron.

Suitable for pregnant women haircuts with medium hair lengthwhen the hair is at shoulder level.

Hair that is too short will accentuate your round face, and visually it will appear even rounder.
Pregnant hairstyle for the New Year

If the hair requires coloring (gray hair has appeared), then you can change the usual synthetic to natural hair dye – for example, henna or basma
Pregnant hairstyle for the New Year
Choose a hairstyle that, in the first place, you will like – and then you will definitely look attractive and radiate a good mood.

Fashionable New Year’s dresses for expectant mothers for the New Year

New Year is a great excuse to wear a dress. There is a huge selection in stores now beautiful and stylish clothes for pregnant women, so it’s easy to find a gorgeous New Year’s dress for pregnant women.
Makeup, hairstyle and outfit for the expectant mother for the New 2014
Makeup, hairstyle and outfit for the expectant mother for the New 2014
Maternity dress for the New 2014

In the early stages of pregnancy, when the belly is not yet so visible, it will sit well sheath dress… Fashion focuses on details – on all kinds of draperies, asymmetrical tops or bottoms, non-standard bodice shapes. A floor-length sheath dress will accentuate the feminine image.
Maternity dress for the New 2014

Looks adorable in later pregnancy. Empire style dresseswhich are characterized by deep cut bodice, long pleated hem and high waistline. Such dresses will not only hide the round belly, but will also give comfort and convenience to the expectant mother, and the V-shaped neckline will favorably emphasize the breasts.

Empire style dresses are popular this season, both strapless and decorative trimmed with lace or rhinestones… Dresses made of light silk, pleated or chiffon are fashionable.
Maternity dress for the New 2014
Maternity dress for the New 2014

Will make a splash backless dress… You can choose a floor-length or knee-length dress for your holiday.
Maternity dress for the New 2014

A dress that will definitely suit pregnant women is greek style dress… Such dresses, made of airy, light, weightless fabrics, emphasize femininity, softness, fragility in you. The figure looks proportional, and a beautiful accent is made on the chest and tummy.
Maternity dress for the New 2014

Today are especially popular long-cut asymmetrical high-waisted dresses with a straight silhouette, with a draped hem and a bare shoulder. In such a contrasting combination, a pregnant woman of fashion will leave an indelible impression.
Maternity dress for the New 2014
A special role in such dresses is played by accessories… These can be brooches, gems, or other jewelry.

Having carefully prepared for the long-awaited holiday, you will meet the New Year unforgettably… In the future, after the appearance of the baby, you will remember this celebration and your interesting situation with warmth and nostalgia.

Happy expectation of the baby – and, of course, the New Year!

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