Newborn Feeding Kits – Essentials List

Each mother has her own list of things that may be needed to feed a newborn baby. But in addition to traditional accessories and various devices for feeding the baby, there are also those that are designed to greatly facilitate the life of a young mother.

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What you need to buy to feed your baby necessarily, and what to look at? Preparing a “spoon for dinner”.
Newborn feeding kit - what should you buy?

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What should be included in a Newborn Breastfeeding Kit?

  • Postpartum bra (2-3 pieces at once, to change)
    Requirements: cotton fabric, high-quality breast support, comfort, wide shoulder straps, fasteners for quickly unfastening the cup with one hand. Read: Which breastfeeding bra is right for you?
    Newborn feeding set - bra
  • Scales for newborns
    To control the weight gain of your little one. The main requirement is sustainability.
    Newborn feeding set - scales
  • Bottle sterilizer
    Such a device allows you to sterilize several bottles at once in a matter of minutes and save time on boiling the bottles in a saucepan. The choice is an electric or steam appliance.
    Newborn feeding set - bottle sterilizer
  • Breast pump
    It will come in handy with an excess of milk, to increase lactation, massage the breast and in case you need to leave your baby with dad. The device should be additionally purchased (if not included) sterile bags (for storing milk), tags / clips and a bottle holder. See also: How to use a breast pump correctly?
    Newborn feeding set - breast pump
  • Nipple bottles of different sizes (several pieces)
    They will be needed even when breastfeeding (for water and in the absence of a mother).
    Newborn Feeding Set - Nipple Bottles
  • Bottle / Teat Brush
    Newborn feeding set -
  • Soft silicone spoon
    Newborn feeding set - silicone spoon
  • Bibs (4-5 pieces)
    Newborn feeding set - bibs
  • Disposable Bra Pads
    Newborn Feeding Set - Breast Pads
  • Silicone Breast Pads
    If nipple cracks are present, they can help reduce pain during feeding.
    Newborn Feeding Set - Silicone Breast Pads
  • Cream for cracked nipples (for example, bipanten)
  • Mother’s milk storage containers
    Newborn Feeding Set - Mother's Milk Storage Containers
  • Nipple Shapers
    Useful for flat / inverted nipples.
    Newborn feeding set - nipple shapers
  • Breastfeeding pillow
    Such a pillow will come in handy for a pregnant woman, and later – it will help to comfortably position and support the baby while breastfeeding.
    Newborn feeding kit - what should you buy?
  • And of course it doesn’t hurt comfortable feeding chair and a footstool.

Devices and accessories for feeding newborns with artificial feeding

  • First of all, we need nipple bottles (with holes of different diameters) – for water, mixtures, tea (4 large – 250-260 ml each and 3 small ones 120-150 ml). The ideal option for bottle feeding is a bottle that mimics your mother’s breast.
    Newborn feeding set - bottles imitating breast
  • Can’t do without bottle and nipple brush, a sterilizer – even more necessary thing than breastfeeding.
  • Correct bottle nipples (strictly according to age and, preferably, anatomical shape) – 5-6 pieces.
  • Bottle warmer… In case you need to warm up the food.
    Newborn feeding set - food warmer
  • Thermal bottle bag… It is very useful for walks and trips, keeps you warm for 2-5 hours (depending on the quality of the bag and the weather).
    Newborn feeding set - thermal bag
  • Nipple & Bottle Dryer
    Newborn feeding set - bottle dryer

A set for feeding a baby during the complementary feeding period – what should you buy?

  • Suction plate and some silicone spoons
    Among all the variety of dishes for babies, it is preferable to have dishes with suction cups, so that when the baby moves, the plate is not thrown off the table.
    Newborn feeding set - suction cup
  • Bibs
    From the age of 4 months, your baby will need enough cloth bibs to be washed frequently. When the baby is sitting and even reaching for a spoon by himself, you will need a plastic bib apron that can be easily washed from food debris.
    Newborn feeding set - bibs
  • Blender / food processor
    For self-preparation of complementary foods for a child, you will need a chopper, that is, a blender.
    Newborn feeding set - blender
  • Double boiler
    You will need a good steamer to cook steamed vegetables, fruits and meats. The same unit can also be useful for sterilizing bottles and teats.
    Newborn feeding set - steamer
  • Silicone ice containers
    These containers are needed to freeze baby food, which is conveniently divided into portions and stored in the freezer, putting the frozen cubes in a bag.
    Newborn feeding set - ice containers
  • Baby food containers
    Newborn feeding set - food containers
  • Chair or high chair
    The chair or highchair should be fixed in a reclining position until the period when the child begins to sit confidently.
    Newborn feeding set - high chair

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