Nicolas Cage married his 26-year-old girlfriend Rico Shibata

57-year-old Nicolas Cage loves to surprise, and not only with his acting talent. More recently, his name appeared in the media again – this time about the actor’s fifth marriage.

Today was the first to publish the news that Cage had married Rico Shibata (a bride 30 years his junior) in a very modest and private ceremony at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. According to the marriage certificate, it happened on February 16, 2021. But not only the marriage itself made this moment special for the newlyweds – first of all, they specially selected the date.

Virtual proposal and special wedding date

“February 16 is the birthday of the groom’s father,” said a spokesman for the actor. – Rico was wearing a hand-made ethnic wedding kimono, three layers, brought from Kyoto. The groom is wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo. They exchanged both Catholic and Shinto vows, and recited poetry by the poet Walt Whitman and Japanese haiku. After the wedding, Nicholas and Rico had a small party, where the ex-wife of the actor Alice (with whom they are very friendly) and their son Kal-El were also present. The young wife took her husband’s surname, becoming Rico Cage. “

However, it was not easy for the lovers to get married. The actor announced his engagement to Rico back in August 2020, but due to the pandemic, he still could not propose to his beloved, so he chose the virtual path. Speaking on the radio show of Mark Coppola’s brother, Cage explained: “Rico left New York to her place in Kyoto, but I returned to Nevada, and then I did not see her for six months. In the end, I broke down and said, “Look, I want to marry you,” and we got engaged online via FaceTime. “

Cage didn’t just ask Rico to marry him. The actor also ordered a ring with a gorgeous black diamond and sent it to his bride in Japan: “This is Rico’s favorite color, she wanted a black diamond with black gold. I sent her the ring via FedEx. And now we are very happy. “

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Cage’s previous setbacks in his personal life seem to be over?

Let’s hope the actor deserves his happiness after a string of failed marriages. In 1995, Cage married actress Patricia Arquette and lived with her for six years. Then, in 2002, the actor took Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley down the aisle, but they were only enough for three months of marriage. In 2004, Cage married a Korean waitress, Alice Kim, and they’ve even been married for 12 years.

However, the fourth marriage of Nicolas Cage turned out to be the shortest and most scandalous. In 2019, he married Eric Koyck in Las Vegas, and just four days later filed a petition to annul the marriage. Poor Erica was later dubbed by the press “a four-day wife.”

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It is quite possible that marriage No. 5 will turn out to be strong and stable, and Nicholas and Rico have long and happy years of family life ahead.

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