Nikki Bella recovers after breaking up with John Cena

TV star Nikki Bella doubts that she will find a loved one in the near future. After breaking up with actor John Cena, she can’t even go on dates yet. She needs time to heal her wounds.

Nikki was abandoned almost at the altar. Their breakup took place several weeks before the proposed wedding.
Bella is outraged by the fact that all questions from journalists concern the topic of her new relationship. In her opinion, it is tactless.

Nikki Bella

Nikki wrestler

Nikki Bella in the bedroom

Nikki Bella with portrait

Nikki Bella with a wedding ring

“You know, if you get married, the next day people ask:“ Are you expecting a child? ”, The 35-year-old star complains. – Or they are interested in when the children will be born. You answer them: “I just got married.” And here everything is the same. No sooner had I been left alone than everyone began to torment me with questions about who I was now meeting. To be honest, I’m not interested in this. I’m just not ready yet. I need to heal my wounds, they are still too fresh.

Nikki Bree’s twin sister Bella, on the other hand, is actively looking for a mate for her. She even tried to arrange a blind date for her sister, but she was unhappy with the result.

Nikki Bella with her sister
Nikki Bella with her twin sister

Nikki Bella with sister2

John Cena hasn’t been in touch with Nikki since the breakup. Although they tried to assure the public that their parting took place in a friendly atmosphere.

“He does his own thing, I’m on my own,” Nikki says. – I’m slowly coming to my senses. And I understand that this is happiness. I just want to be happy.

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