non-hormonal drug against menopause symptoms

In the list of modern medicines, phytopreparations occupy one of the main places. Herbal medicines have a mild but effective effect, are well tolerated, and do not cause strong side effects. Such a drug is considered “Serelis” – a completely natural remedy for eliminating the symptoms of menopause and PMS. The drug does not contain plant hormones, which is very important for women who are contraindicated in hormone therapy during menopause or who do not want to receive it. Let’s talk in more detail about this feature and about Serelis in general.

Serelis: a non-hormonal drug for menopause symptoms

Menopause symptoms and the danger of hormone therapy

Menopause is associated with a number of unpleasant symptoms that significantly impair a woman’s quality of life. Among them – sleep disturbances, swelling, hot flashes, sweating, weight gain, decreased libido. A woman feels anxiety and fear, becomes nervous, irritable, and develops depression.
The cause of this condition is the natural process of decreasing the production of female hormones. The body adapts to new conditions, the reproductive function gradually fades.

To compensate for the lack of estrogen in a woman’s body, doctors often prescribe synthetic hormones for menopause. In severe cases, this is a really good way to restore hormonal balance and improve the patient’s well-being. But there are a number of restrictions for taking such drugs. If you ignore them, then hormone therapy can lead to relapses of old chronic diseases and the development of new ones.

For example, the presence of fibroids, thrombosis, tumors, endometriosis puts the patient at risk when prescribing hormone therapy. Do not take hormones for women with cardiovascular diseases, venous thromboembolism.

A separate danger is posed by herbal preparations, which are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and contain phytoestrogens (polyphenols, non-steroidal substances of plant origin). A number of studies have not only shown the ineffectiveness of such drugs, but also questioned the safety of their use in the presence of certain chronic diseases, including hormone-sensitive tumors.

In addition, there are women who do not have obvious health problems, but they are afraid to take hormones.

In such situations, the only way to relieve vasomotor and neuropsychiatric symptoms with menopause is considered to be taking drugs that do not contain hormones.

Serelis does not contain hormones

The herbal preparation “Serelis” does not have a phytoestrogenic effect, that is, it contains neither synthetic nor plant hormones. The main components of the supplement are an extract of the cytoplasm of plant pollen, called pucitonin, and vitamin E. Pucitonin consists of three groups of components: fatty acids, tryptophan, vitamins.

The action of “Serelis” is aimed at stimulating the production of serotonin (“the hormone of happiness”) by acting on the neurons of the hypothalamus. Due to this, the normalization of the psychophysical state of the woman is achieved, the vasomotor symptoms of menopause are eliminated.


Numerous studies carried out among different focus groups of patients with severe manifestations of menopause have shown the effectiveness of “Serelis” if taken regularly for 3 months. 9 out of 10 women noted a decrease in the frequency and intensity of vasomotor manifestations.

The studies also involved premenopausal and postmenopausal women. In both groups, there was a significant decrease in the number and severity of hot flashes – 86% and 91%, respectively. 6 out of 10 women noted a decrease in irritability, anxiety.

Serelis: a non-hormonal drug for menopause symptoms


Clinical trials assessed not only the effectiveness of Serelis, but also its safety. Focus group representatives noted the good tolerability of the drug, as well as the absence of serious side effects and unwanted manifestations. This is due to the unique patented technology of purification of the cytoplasm of plant pollen from the protein shell, which is allergenic. Thanks to this high-tech purification, women with allergies can safely take Serelis.

Also, purification of the cytoplasm increased the bioavailability of pollen. If in the normal state its useful components were assimilated by only 3%, then after processing this figure reaches 100%.

Taking the drug can be combined with therapy with tamoxifen, an estrogen hormone antagonist, used to treat hormone-dependent tumors.

The safety of Serelis is also confirmed by a small list of contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

What is the effect of using “Serelis”?

With continuous administration of the drug for the period recommended by the manufacturer (2 months), the effect is expressed in a decrease in the intensity and number of manifestations of menopause.

Women celebrate:

  • decrease in the severity of hot flashes;
  • reduction of swelling and sweating;
  • gradual weight loss;
  • improved mood;
  • the appearance of calmness, good mood and sound sleep;
  • restoration of libido;
  • weight loss.

Popular French drug

The high efficiency of Serelis, as well as the fact that it does not contain hormones, contributed to its popularization in the professional medical environment. In France, Serelis is considered the # 1 remedy for menopausal symptoms. More than 97% of doctors prefer this drug.

Convenience of reception

The form of release of “Serelis” – tablets. They are packaged in blisters of 15 pieces, in a package – 4 blisters, that is, 60 tablets. The daily dosage of the drug is 2 tablets. They should be taken with meals.
The course of treatment is determined by the attending physician on an individual basis, however, the optimal concentration of the active substance in the body is achieved after two months of continuous use.
There are no restrictions on the duration of taking Serelis. If the course of therapy is interrupted, it can be resumed, if necessary, at any time.

Analogues, price, reviews

Since the active ingredient of Serelis – pusitonin – is obtained as a result of a patented technological process, there are no full-fledged analogues of the drug. The pharmacy may offer you other herbal remedies for relieving menopause symptoms, and possibly at a lower price than Serelis, but their effectiveness and safety are questionable. Including due to the presence of phytoestrogens in the composition.

According to the reviews of women who took “Serelis”, other drugs did not have such a persistent and pronounced effect on the manifestations of menopause. The doctors ‘comments about “Serelis” are similar: after a few weeks of administration, there is a positive trend in the patients’ condition, which cannot be said about other herbal preparations.

Dietary supplement. It is not a drug.

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