Non-standard appearance and beauty stereotypes

Custom looks versus beauty stereotypes: 10 women and girls who beat conventionFor many centuries, the standards of female beauty have been mercilessly “broken”, changed, and new ones have been created. Either ladies from Rubens’ paintings are in vogue, now thin and sonorous girls with twig arms and an unhealthy pallor. So the modern world is drawing us again the standards of beauty. Which are easily crossed by successful girls with a non-standard appearance.

Does your appearance fall short of generally accepted beauty standards? Turn your “disadvantages” into advantages – and destroy stereotypes!

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Denise Bidault

This girl was one of the first plus-size curvy models to take part in New York Fashion Week.

Denis was born in 1986, and today weighs 93 kg with a height of 180 cm. The girl was not thin as a child, and did not suffer at all from complexes about this.

Denise Bidault

Offers from various photographers fell on Denis as soon as she arrived in Hollywood (for an acting career).

Today the girl is the face of such brands as Levi’s and Nordstrom’s, Lane Bryant and others. Denis stands for “body positive” and believes that absolutely all women are beautiful in their individual beauty.

Winnie Harlow

Also known as Chantelle Brown-Young, this model is the face of the Spanish casual brand.

19-year-old Canadian beauty is sick with vitiligo – a rare disease that greatly changes the appearance. It was the disease that became the highlight of Vinnie, who raised her to Olympus in such a competitive fashion industry. The Dalmatian woman, as her fans call her “style and motivation icon”, has also become one of Victoria’s Secret’s “angels”.

Winnie Harlow

Winnie remembers childhood as a bad dream. And even after graduation, she chose the most inconspicuous job – as a call center employee.

True, the girl did not want to completely deprive herself of communication, and youtuber Budrem once wandered onto her FB page, inviting Vinnie to take part in the filming of the video. From that moment on, the stellar path of the girl with vitiligo began.

As for Vinnie’s personal life, in 2016 it became known that she was dating millionaire Lewis Hamilton.

Beth Ditto

This shocking and completely extraordinary woman does not have a model size, but she has a powerful voice, powerful positive energy and inner charm.

The soloist of The Gossip, a fierce fighter for the rights of gay people, the queen of shocking!

Beth Ditto

Beth laughs at modern beauty coupons, and hundreds of thousands of her fans only confirm that a woman can be beautiful in any form.

The girl, who, with a height of 157 cm, weighs 110 kg, does not hesitate to act in candid photo shoots, releases fashionable clothes and solo albums, defiles on the catwalk and shocks the public with her unshaven armpits.

Do you know how to become a model in 10 steps?

Gillian Mercado

Since childhood, this slender girl has been suffering from muscle deficiency.

She moves exclusively in a wheelchair, but disability is not an obstacle for the active and super-mobile Gillian. Gillian’s original haircut and memorable charismatic face attract attention everywhere.

Gillian Mercado

Before the fame that fell upon her after the photo shoot, Gillian had her own fashion blog. By submitting an application to participate in advertising, the girl did not even hope that luck would smile at her.

But Gillian has become an inspiration not only for her followers among people with disabilities, but also for the designer of Diesel, which she became the face of during the season.

Jamie Brewer

Success came to Jamie with the release of American Horror Story.

Today, a girl with Down syndrome is not only an actress and the first model with this disease, but also an example for everyone born with Down syndrome.

Jamie Brewer

Jamie, as a creative, purposeful and inquisitive person, continues to hone his acting skills, play in performances and diversify today.

Casey Legler

This amazing girl resembles a young man so much that she could easily hide under masculine features – and become the first female fashion model. Outwardly, a girl is practically indistinguishable from a guy: short hair, masculine features, brutal look.

Already at the age of 19, the Frenchwoman Casey became a member of the Olympic swimming team. After – the study of architecture and design, then the development of jurisprudence.

Casey Legler

The girl tirelessly moves forward, mastering more and more new areas of life. As an addicted person, Casey could not refuse the offer to participate in the show. And almost immediately a contract was signed with the Ford Model, where the girl performed in the male role.

This risky move turned out to be very successful – both for Casey’s career and for her understanding of herself: “I’m finally happy.”

Masha Telna

This amazing girl with unrealistically huge eyes was noticed on the Kharkiv streets. It was in Ukraine that the first samples of Masha were made, who was always embarrassed by attention.

But success fell on Maria so quickly that after 2-3 covers in her native country, she left for France to walk on the most famous catwalks in Paris.

Masha Telna

Thin, tall and big-eyed – of course, the director of a fashion agency could not help but notice her at the store. True, the proposal was not accepted too happily – you never know what is hidden under this fabulous proposal. But the parents took a chance and … won.

Today Masha is known all over the world, she took part in shows of the most famous fashion houses, and today she is in the TOP-30 of the best models in the world.

Carmen Dell Orefice

This gorgeous woman with the longest runway career is 87 years old and still participates in filming and fashion shows. Carmen even entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Carmen in her years not only defiles on the catwalks, starred on the covers of magazines (including candid photo shoots) and competes with the most eminent designers, but also lives to the fullest. This is exactly what girls should be in a “mature” age – charming, active and cheerful.

Carmen Dell Orefice

The shocking Carmen’s career began at the age of 15, and since then she has never parted with her favorite pastime. In her years, she shocks journalists with revelations about her love of sex, slightly corrects the appearance of plastic surgeons, sleeps and swims a lot.

Carmen was a muse for Salvador Dali, and today she dreams of living to a hundred years old – and leaving for the next world in high-heeled shoes.


Who Said Strabismus Is A Defect? Here Moffy made it her highlight.

She became one of the most demanded models, and a real discovery of 2013. Moffy immediately pushed the standards of beauty powerfully and gave hope for a successful future to many girls with various disabilities.


Most photographers prefer to take pictures of the unique Moffy without makeup – and only in natural light.

Victoria Modesta

Little Victoria was discharged from the hospital in 1988 with a birth injury. Despite 15 operations and many specific corrective procedures, the growth of the lower limb, alas, never recovered, and in 2007 the leg was amputated.

From that moment, Victoria, exhaling, finally began to lead a full life, not giving up, but, on the contrary, tuning in to success.

Victoria Modesta

Today Victoria is the first bionic model in the world to not only take part in fashion shows in Milan, but she is also the face of Samsung and Vodafone. And the original prostheses for Vika are invented by an orthopedic designer.

Well, in addition, Vicki’s childhood dream came true – she became a singer, and even took part in the closing of the Paralympic London Games.

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