Numerology in business – how the codes of fate affect the success of a woman

Have you ever wondered what success is? Of course, everyone has their own idea of ​​it. For some, it means getting married, for others – moving up the career ladder, for others – taking part in a competition … One way or another, success is the achievement of the set goals in a planned business, a positive result of something, public recognition.

Moreover, everyone has their own, individual path to success. Someone is stuffing bumps, but still does not give up. Someone rushes into the task at lightning speed and the next morning wakes up already successful. Someone comes to him very slowly: step by step.

However, there are a number of qualities that unite all successful people: hard work, unbending will, qualities of a fighter and a gift from the Universe – the date of birth.

Today I have compiled a brief overview of some of the most successful women in Russia. To your attention there are 8 representatives of the fair sex who can definitely be called successful.

1. Natalia Vodianova

Natalya Vodyanova
Photo @natasupernova

What codes of her destiny helped her come to overwhelming success.

The year of birth code is 20 “Court”. It is a symbol of big money and fame all over the world. Her Gift Codes (this is what helps a person in promotion and talents):

  • 3 “Empress”. The very proud title “Empress” suggests that a career can be associated with a woman’s business – modeling and advertising campaigns (this is also Code 20 “Court”).
  • 7 “Chariot” means: great career breakthrough, glory, success. In addition, Code 3 is the Throne Code, therefore, a person is simply obliged to be on top, on the throne.
  • Birth Code 6 “Lovers” – a connection with creativity, attracting enthusiastic glances and admirers.

By all the signs, we see that Vodianova is destined for the Universe to be rich, famous and successful.

By the way, her husband, according to her fate, is a foreigner, and very rich at that. In fact, this is what happened: the husband of the model is a billionaire.

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2. Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana Hodchenkova
Photo @svetlana_khodchenkova

Svetlana has a completely different success story. She was accompanied by Code 21 “Peace”. This means that a person will achieve fame and success not only on the territory of his country, but also abroad (remember that she starred in the American film “Wolverine: the Immortal”).

On top of that, Code 18 “Moon” bodes well for acting talent.

There is also a throne code 3 “Empress” – the Code of Destiny. And the beautiful Svetlana will not remain without fans.

3. Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk
Photo @irinashayk

Irina’s success is determined by the presence of Code 6 “Lovers”, which gives her attractiveness, beauty and success with the audience. It is also the ability to communicate, which is important for an actress.

The second Success Code is 3 “Empress”. All the same Throne Code and, in addition, the Code of the Year of Birth 2 “Priestess”. There is nowhere without a throne!

And here is another highlight in the Shayk date is Code 15 “Devil”. What do you think this unusual Code can give? That’s right, sexy and damn attractiveness.

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4. Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova
Photo @ buzova86

A huge number of subscribers and fans gave her Code 20 “Judgment” (millions of subscribers) – the Birth Code. Her Gifts – Code 3 “Empress” and 21 “Peace” (you already know what these Codes give).

But success and fame have already helped to bring other codes.

17 “Zvezda” – Olga is really a star in the Internet space. And Code 2 “Priestess”. Star on the throne. How symbolic everything is, isn’t it?

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5. Alsou

Photo @alsou_a

It is worth noting here that she immediately had an unequal position with other participants. She was born into a very wealthy family with Birth Code 5 “Dad” (this is a high position in society and the Throne Code is her father’s money).

The Channel of Success is also associated with huge money: 10 “Fortune” (money from parents, and world fame – 2nd place in Eurovision) and Throne Code 2 “Priestess”.

Birth year code 21 “Mir” brought her fame and success.

What is hard to argue with is her Gift Code 18 “Luna”. That is, with her creative talents, romance, attractive power.

6. Valeria

Photo @valeriya

First of all, her Birth Code 17 “Star” is striking. Indeed, she was born to become a star, and she became her.

Gift Code 18 “Luna” endowed her with female attractiveness and artistry, which is very important for the singer’s profession.

Valeria also has a Throne Code – 2 “Priestess”.

And Success Code 11 “Strength” gave her tremendous willpower and sexuality.

7. Tatiana Navka

Tatiana Navka
Photo @ tatiana_navka

Destiny Code 17 “Star” is the star in figure skating.

Gift Codes – 21 “Peace” – worldwide glory.

Success codes – 10 “Fortune” – success and big money. By the way, her husband has further strengthened her Code 17 “Star”.

And another Success Code – 3 “Empress” symbolizes the throne both in society (her creative activity) and in her personal life (she is the wife of a prominent man in society – Peskov).

8. Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova
Photo @fedorovaoksana

Who doesn’t know the beauty queen?

So she has the same Code as Valeria and Tatiana – 17 “Zvezda”. She is not just a star, she is a diamond that sparkled on the catwalk among many beauties of the world. It is also strengthened by the Code of Destiny.

The likelihood of becoming a star was very high. One of the Gift Codes – 10 “Fortune” is the Throne Code. Success is prescribed in advance, it was only necessary to work on it and voila.


Do you want to know your Success Codes?

This article is based on studies of the date of birth and Fate of a person according to the Tarot Numerology system and has no hidden messages, discrimination or condemnation. Materials for research are taken from open and accessible sources on the Internet. The analysis is based solely on my knowledge, research and analysis, as a specialist in reading the fate of a person by date of birth and may not coincide with your opinion.

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