Olga Buzova marked the outgoing year with a change of image

Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova never hides changes in her life from fans and loves to boast of achievements, pleasant moments, as well as transformations of her image. Shortly before 2021, the star surprised fans in a new way.

Olga Buzova
Photo @ buzova86

New Year with changes

All 2020 Olga Buzova spent in the image of a blonde: back in 2019, she repainted and tried on a pale golden blonde with an ombre effect. This color was very refreshing for the singer and matched perfectly with her tanned skin. In addition, the star also changed her wardrobe: she began to show more and more feminine dresses, abandoning crop tops and ripped jeans. However, as it turned out, Olga decided to enter the New Year in a new image. The singer shared a photo with subscribers in which she appeared with Afro-braids and the same dark hair color.

“New me. Since there are so many changes at the end of the year, I also wanted something new. “, – Olga wrote in her Instagram account.

Olga Buzova 2
Photo @ buzova86
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The opinions of the fans were divided: many appreciated the new hooligan image of the star, however, there were also those who thought that the blond suits Olga much more.

  • “Insanely beautiful” – alissa86_.
  • “Wow. Gorgeous braids turned out, similar to those that you did when you were 18-19 years old, only dark. Bomb!” – temalewin.
  • “Cool!!! I would have returned the blond! ” – angel_bogdanova.
  • “A bit dark” – dvefb.

Summing up

In her account, Olga not only shared a new image, but also summed up the results of the outgoing year. The singer stressed that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone due to the coronavirus and this affected her along with the rest. And also the star thanked the doctors and drew attention to their work and the fight against the pandemic throughout the outgoing year. Many of her subscribers joined Olga’s words.

Shaved whiskey, new hair color and braids with rings

It is curious that it was on the eve of the New Year that many stars decided to radically change their image. Not so long ago, the famous singer surprised fans in a new way Taylor Swift. Having released a new album, the star decided to change her beloved blonde and dyed her hair light brown, and at the same time changed her hairstyle – instead of neat smooth curls – a casually braided braid and disheveled bangs.

Taylor Swift
Photo @taylorswift

The princess did not just surprise, but shocked the audience Monaco Charlene: Known for her impeccable style, she suddenly decided to “hooligan” and made herself a punk haircut with shaved temples. The princess demonstrated her new image at the gift-giving event for the little citizens of Monaco.

Monaco Charlene
Photo @royalchildren

Many Russian stars also decided to change. Christine Asmus, whom we are accustomed to seeing as a blonde, preferred radical changes and dyed her hair into a daring brunette. Many fans associated this change of image with changes in the personal life of the actress, who recently decided to divorce her husband.

Christine Asmus
Photo @asmuskristina
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I went to similar changes Maria Poroshina, but for what reasons – for the role or at will – is still unknown. But Nastya Kamenskikh did not change her favorite hair color, but simply chose a new and very original hairstyle – large Afro-braids with rings.

Nastya Kamenskikh
Photo @kamenskux

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