Olivia Culpo shared a touching photo with her niece

During the new wave of coronavirus, the stars do not get bored in quarantine, but enjoy spending time with their family and sharing joint photos. Fashion model and “Miss Universe” hot beauty Olivia Culpo also shared with subscribers a series of touching pictures with a charming baby – her niece Soleil.

Olivia Culpo
Photo @oliviaculpo
Olivia Culpo 2
Photo @oliviaculpo

“Her smile is contagious” – the star signed the pictures that she posted on her Instagram page.

The fans of the star really liked the positive photos, and many drew attention to the spontaneity and artistry of Olivia’s little niece:

  • “These pictures are sheer joy!” – jenh1024.
  • “Sunny Soleil!” – jannasintsa.
  • “I like it so much when she shows her middle finger at the camera!))” – gitananova.

Windy beauty

Olivia often shares pictures of her sisters and nephews with fans, but the 28-year-old beauty does not have her children yet. But there is a beloved dog named Oliver, which the model almost never leaves and constantly pampers with new toys.

olivia culpo 3
Photo @oliviaculpo
olivia culpo 4
Photo @oliviaculpo

The star is in no hurry to acquire a family, although she has many high-profile novels on her account. At the beginning of her career, she met with musician Nick Jonas, but in 2015 they separated. Then there was an affair with Danny Amendola, but the young people did not agree on the model’s candid photo sessions. The star did not want to endure the jealous suitor and left him. And also the star met with Tim Tebow, but this relationship did not last long. The model is currently dating NFL star Christian McCaffrey.

olivia culpo 5
Photo @oliviaculpo

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