Oversized clothing style – what to wear with a coat or oversized sweater?

Oversized is a great option for modern fashionistas who are tired of keeping themselves within limits. This trend in fashion represents baggy clothes, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder. For the first time this style appeared on the catwalk of the fashion house Kenzo, when the designer very successfully combined the European style and kimono.


  1. The popularity of the oversized style
  2. Sweaters, coats, oversized dresses
  3. Fashionable oversize style in clothing sets

The popularity of the oversized style among modern women of fashion is the fashion trends of the oversize style in clothes.

Oversized clothing is an excellent choice for confident girls, for whom comfort and practicality are in the first place.

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So why is this style so popular and what is the most popular of this style today?

  • Many believe that this style is based on the fact that you can wear clothes several sizes larger – and it will look gorgeous. This is not true. Oversized style implies a certain cut of clothing, different from the rest.
  • The contours of the figure are visually blurred, therefore, slightly overweight girls who are not satisfied with, for example, hips, can safely put on an oversized dress and hide this flaw. However, for a lady-puff, clothes of such styles will not work – the figure will seem even more bulky.
  • A properly selected sweater or coat can be safely worn to work. With the addition of beautiful accessories, the look can instantly change, and then it is perfect for a romantic date. Oversize – versatile style suitable for any event.
  • Most often, you will notice that clothes of this style look perfect on models. due to layering… Indeed, an oversized sweater can be worn over a classic shirt, and a delicate wool coat can complement this look.


Sweaters, coats, oversized dresses from the collections of the leading Fashion houses.

To date, a huge number of famous fashion houses have released oversized collections.

  • Céline. Céline is one of the first to take over the oversized coat. This includes wool coats made from a rough material that look great on the models. The colors of these coats are very pleasing to the eye – almost all the images are made in pale pink shades.50312celine-rtw-fw2012-runway-01_165634486618
  • SoniaRykiel. This brand also did not stand aside, so modern girls already know about the existence of wonderful sweaters and oversized dresses. The brand displays only the best options for this style of clothing on the catwalk. Bright, but at the same time versatile and comfortable outfits – that’s what Sonia Rykiel’s oversize is all about.0-big
  • VeraWang. Vera Wang has long amazed modern women of fashion with her beautiful outfits. She did not pass by such direction as oversize. In her collections you can find both oversized coats and dresses or oversized shirts. These outfits will delight you with their brightness. Become visible with Vera Wang!


Oversized fashion style in clothing sets – suggestions of fashion bloggers.

Oversized clothes need to be able to combine correctly – it is not enough to wear a sweater 4 sizes larger to immediately get a stylish look.

What trendy combinations do fashion bloggers offer?

  • Oversized sweater + skinny jeans. This set looks stylish and can be complemented with high heels or rough boots. Jeans can be replaced with leggings or regular tight-fitting trousers Blogger-Dylana-Suarez-682x1024
  • Oversized sweater + skirt. This combination is suitable for almost all girls, since you can change sweaters and skirts for an infinitely long time using different styles. Sets are possible, both with classic skirts of the usual length, and with oversized skirts.203780_980
  • Oversized + sports shoes. Sneakers and trainers are versatile and comfortable shoes that can also be beautiful! The most important thing is to be able to correctly combine oversized clothes with these shoes. T-shirts, sweaters and oversized coats are what goes well with this set. e3c41965fa149071aea8b4e51f4925c7
  • Oversized coat + heels. Yes, despite the fact that oversize is a kind of rudeness, the image can be easily diluted with high-heeled shoes. This will give you some airiness and elegance, and all the bulkiness of the coat will disappear and become almost invisible.palto-oversized-2-2

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