Owen Wilson ran away from a pregnant girl and does not see his daughter

A child is immense happiness and a real gift from heaven, however, some fathers are not at all happy about the appearance of their offspring and in every possible way avoid any contacts. Hollywood star Owen Wilson is one of them.

Five-year affair with a businesswoman and the birth of a daughter

Owen Wilson and Varuni Wongsvirates

The actor dated Varuni Wongsvirates, a business development manager for almost five years, until the girl became pregnant. According to an insider for an online publication Radar:

“When Varuni told Owen that she was pregnant, he was not happy about the news, and this was the last time they spoke.”

In the fall of 2018, Varuni gave birth to a girl, Laila, but Wilson not only refused to meet with his daughter, but also announced in court that he was refusing custody and visiting the child altogether.

“He changed his phone number and never saw his daughter,” the insider added. – After Wongsvirates gave birth to Laila, Wilson never tried to contact her, although he knew very well that Varuni was pregnant. Owen was officially informed that his girlfriend was in the fourth week when they returned from a joint trip to Hawaii.

Single mother

varuni with a child

Edition Daily Mail reported that the actor had passed a paternity test. The very same 35-year-old Wongsvirates said:

“He helps financially, but it’s not about money. Laila needs a dad. It’s amazing that Owen continues to get the roles of touching and caring fathers, but he has never seen his own daughter. “

For Varuni, Laila became the main priority in life, because the ex-girlfriend of the actor quit her job in order to pay maximum attention to her daughter. As an anonymous source said:

“Varuni’s mother died when she was very young. She knows what it’s like to grow up with one parent. Varuni does not want this to happen to her daughter. “

An exemplary father for two sons

wilson with children

Owen Wilson is often photographed with his two other sons, and he looks like a very loving dad, which makes his attitude towards Layla quite strange. This fact depressing and upsetting Varuni Wongsvirates even more.

The actor has an 8-year-old son Robert Ford from ex-girlfriend Jade Duell and 5-year-old Finn from his fitness trainer Caroline Lindquist. Layla is Wilson’s third child and only daughter. In June 2017, the actor spoke enthusiastically about his interactions with his sons on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

“I’m kidding and pranking the boys, but they’re quick to see through my pranks.”

Varuni is very happy to be Lila’s mother, but she constantly talks about her hopes that Wilson will remember about her daughter:

“He could be a great dad for her because he is an amazing dad for his two older children.”

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