Oxisize breathing technique for fast effective weight loss

Oxisize weight loss exercises are absolutely not difficult. Rather, it is not easy to do them regularly, without skipping days, and without reducing the intensity of your workouts. Yes, this daily work will allow you to lose weight, improve your health, rejuvenate and overcome neuroses.

COLADY will tell you how to breathe correctly using the oxysize technique in order to lose weight quickly.

Oxisize breathing technique for quick weight loss - video tutorials
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Correct breathing technique oxysize – video

Oxisize basis – correct breathing, so you need to pay attention to it first. The founder of the system, J. Johnson, believes that until you have brought your breathing to automaticity, you should not move on to exercises. So, it is better to devote a couple of weeks to working out the oxysize breathing technique for 10-15 cycles daily.

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Breathing technique oxysize:

  • How to stand: straight, bending your knees slightly. The body should be relaxed down to the hips. The belly is tucked up a third of your maximum retraction. With a straight lower back, the pelvis should be slightly pushed forward. Do not forget about correct posture, i.e. about your close shoulder blades.
  • How to inhale: nose, at the same time, throwing the pelvis forward, “springing” the press and contracting the buttocks. Then smile and tighten your abs and buttocks harder, making 3 gusty “breaths”.
  • How to exhale: feel the fullness of the lungs with air and begin to exhale. Gradually exhaling through the lips with a “tube”, loosening the buttocks and expanding the pelvis. Then, as with inhalation, take 3 sharp “pre-exhales”.
  • Lateral stretching. The waist and abs are involved. How: From a standard position, pull your right arm up and lean to the right. In this case, the body should be practically parallel to the floor, i.e. in the same plane with the pelvis. Hold the stretch and take a few breaths. Then change the pose to the left hand. And so, 3 times for each hand.
  • Squat against the wall. The legs, buttocks and chest muscles work. How: while standing in the main position against the wall, lean your back on it and gently squat down to such an extent that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Where to put your hands? Bring them palm to palm in front of your chest. Take several breaths in this position. And so, 3 times.
  • The squat is normal. The inner side of the thighs and buttocks is being worked out. How: Squat in the same position as above, only without a wall and not deep. At the same time, try, as if to spread your legs, separating the floor under your feet. For each squat – 4 cycles, 3 times per workout.
  • Spinning from the chair. All muscles are tense. How: Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair and use your hands to hedge your bets. Then still move your buttocks forward so that the emphasis is held only on the toes and palms. Freeze and breathe 3-4 cycles. Repeat this oxysize breathing exercise several times.
  • Push-up from the wall. With an emphasis on developing strength in the arms, abs, glutes, back and legs. How: Hands under the chest with parallel palms. Push up and when you feel the maximum tension, straighten your body and stand on your toes. Then take a few breaths. Fix the exercise about 3 times.
  • Rocket launch. Intense loading and stretching of important muscles in the body. How to do it: Lying on the floor, pull back your socks, and move your hands behind your head. As if you are being pulled in different directions at the same time. Then breathe in for a few cycles. This oxysize breathing exercise is great for completing your workout.
  • Stretching the cobra. The area of ​​the back and abdomen is tense. How: while lying on your stomach, lean on the palms of your hands, which must be placed under the chest. Then straighten your bent elbows, feeling the tension of the press well. The pose is a bit like a push-up, but the hips do not rise from the floor. So, several cycles, 3 times.

Oxisize – video tutorial

Oxysize is a natural remedy to prolong youth and normalize weight. Many women say that after a month of classes, they not only lost their excess weight, but also improved their skin condition, and cellulite disappeared. Some have noted a persistent increase in mood and performance.

Thus, oxysize is really effective, especially in a cumulative sense – the longer you practice, the deeper and longer-term the result.

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