Parachute dresses are a new trend in 2020, how and with what to wear.

One of the brightest trends of this season is a loose-fitting dress or, in another way, a parachute dress. In such dresses, volume is present everywhere and when you walk or a gust of wind, it swells even more.

white parachute dress

Parachute dresses were presented in the collections of Valentino, Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, etc. In such a voluminous dress you will look very light, airy and graceful.

Due to the current situation in the world, analysts predict that most people will gain weight.

blue parachute dress

Therefore, a parachute dress is just a must have for this and future seasons! After all, in such a dress you can hide anything you want, and no one will understand whether you have extra volumes or not.

There are a lot of oversized dress variations now: with ruffles, flounces or without decor; plain or with a print, for example, with a flower!

A parachute dress is a very versatile thing, because you can combine it with different shoes and accessories, thereby creating a different mood of the image.

light green parachute dress

I would advise choosing a solid color dress in a neutral shade, because it will be like a blank canvas!

What you can combine it with:

  1. With high boots and a leather jacket, playing on the contrast of femininity and rudeness looks very stylish.
  2. With Cossacks in the spirit of streetstyle.
  3. For a casual look, wear a dress with trainers or sneakers.
  4. Lightness and romance will add sandals with thin straps.
  5. In hot weather, pair your parachute dress with birkenstock sandals.

blue parachute dress

Who is suitable for parachute dresses, and how to choose them correctly:

Slender girls of medium and tall height can choose any length. For miniature girls, it is better to stop at the length of the mini.

Plus size girls should not be afraid of oversized dresses – just choose models that are moderately voluminous, and use a belt if necessary. Also you are better off choosing the length of the midi.

yellow parachute dress

Parachute dresses are now presented in almost every brand, from the mass market to heavy luxury, so everyone will find their own!

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