Paris for lovers – 15 interesting places in Paris for couples in love, which must be visited!

Paris for lovers - what to visit and see for two in the capital of France?The many-sided and vibrant Paris is not in vain considered one of the most romantic places on earth: passions have been raging here for many centuries in a row. The French capital is “woven” of love and fashion, crispy loaves and croissants for breakfast, from many cozy corners with a love story and cabaret lights, from stone walls that have kept royal secrets for many centuries. Where else can the lovers go if not to Paris? He was just created in order to confess his love! The main thing is to know the route.

Among the most romantic Parisian corners, we have selected those that are simply worth a visit.

Grand Opera (approx.- Opera Garnier)

For the first time this grandiose opera house opened its doors in 1669, and today it is one of the most significant in the whole world. The theater’s activity began immediately after the recognition of opera as an art form by Louis 14th. Initially, Garnier’s opera was named after the Royal Academy, which taught dance and music. The name Grand Opera came to her only at the end of the 19th century.

The grand opera

Tickets are bought here in advance, because there are too many people who want to see the performances in which the most famous theater groups from different parts of the world participate.

If you want to start your romantic journey through Paris from his heart, start with the Grand Opera.

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Elysian Fields

This Parisian avenue is celebrated in songs, paintings, plays and movies. Although it acquired its name only after the French Revolution.

The Champs Elysees has always been a significant place for Parisians. But under Louis 16, it is unlikely that an ordinary person would have dared to walk along the Champs-Élysées – it was too dangerous on the Champs Elysees in those days. And already in 1810, Empress Marie-Louise entered the capital in style through this avenue. Over time, the Champs Elysees became one of the symbols of power and the city as a whole. When the Cossacks of Alexander the 1st took Paris 2 years after World War II, they set up camp just on this avenue.

Elysian Fields

The massive development of the avenue began only in 1828, and in 1836 the Arc de Triomphe appeared.

Today the Champs Elysees is the main street of the city. Life is in full swing here around the clock: parades and exhibitions are held here, musicians are playing, they are treated to aromatic coffee in the oldest restaurant of the avenue (Le Doyenne) and they sell fashionable clothes, and so on.


For more than 7 centuries one of the oldest palaces in France – and one of the most famous museums in the world.

The beginning of the Louvre was laid at the end of the 12th century, when Philip Augustus built a fortress, which subsequently underwent constant completion, rebuilding, and so on. With kings and eras, the Louvre constantly changed – each ruler brought something of his own unique into the appearance of the palace. The palace was finally completed only by the end of the 19th century. However, it is still being rebuilt, trying to prolong the life of the most beautiful corner of France.


The Louvre keeps many secrets within its walls, and some of the secrets of the palace can be revealed on a guided tour. Also, what if you get to see one of the palace ghosts? For example, with the Egyptian Belphegor, who walks around the Louvre at night, with Queen Jeanne of Navarre, poisoned by Catherine de Medici, or with the White Lady. However, it is definitely better not to meet with the latter.

And on your way back, be sure to check out the Tuileries Gardens with many secret corners and shops for couples in love.

Notre dame cathedral

This unique building is striking in its size, similarity to a fortress, and uniqueness. Glorified by Hugo, the cathedral has always been shrouded in legends, and to this day it is considered one of the most mysterious places in the city.

It is important to note that the very place from which the cathedral grew has been considered sacred since ancient times. And Parisians believe that the chimera statues, the unique ring handle on the gate, and the round bronze plaque make dreams come true. You should only ask for your innermost things, holding on to this handle or turning around on your heel around yourself on a plate with a zero km. As for chimeras, they are supposed to be tickled.

Notre dame cathedral

And be sure to climb the spiral staircase to the cathedral tower for a bird’s eye view of Paris, and listen to the play of the most respectable organ in all of France.

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Eiffel Tower

Majestic and memorable – this symbol of Paris does not need advertising. You cannot go to the most fashionable capital of the world – and not bring photos with the Eiffel Tower on outstretched arms.

It should be noted that initially this tower was considered too awkward for Paris. But today, illuminated by thousands of lights, it is the main attraction, near which hundreds of thousands of couples confess their love and make marriage proposals.

Eiffel Tower

Plus, if you’re not sticking too much to your hard earned money, you can even order a romantic dinner right inside this Parisian symbol.

Marie Bridge

Another romantic place in the capital. The oldest bridge in Paris (approx. – 1635) can be found next to Notre Dame.

According to legend, if you exchange a kiss under this stone bridge, then together you will live to the very grave in love and harmony.

Marie Bridge

The Pont Marie connected the Isle of Saint Louis (approx. – the richest Parisians live there) with the right bank of the Seine. You will definitely like a walk on a sightseeing river tram, and if you also have time to kiss under the arches of the bridge …

However, you can also rent a boat.

Tomb of Abelard and Heloise

Many centuries ago, the philosopher Abelard fell in love like a boy with his 17-year-old student named Eloise. The girl who reciprocated the theologian was good in mind, beauty, and knowledge in science and languages.

Alas, the happiness did not last long: the strong difference in estates, as well as the post of bishop, became an obstacle on the way to a happy life together. Having fled to Brittany, they married in secret, after which Eloise had a son.

Tomb of Abelard and Heloise

Not wanting to ruin her husband and his career, Eloise took her hair as a nun. As for Abelard, he was defrocked and sent to a monastery as a simple monk. However, the monastery walls did not become an obstacle to love: the secret correspondence eventually became famous.

Today, lovers from all over the world go to their grave, transported to Paris to the origins of their love story in the 19th century, to leave a note with a request in the crypt in the Pere Lachaise cemetery.


This romantic Parisian district is one of the most famous hills in the world, famous for its sad (and not only) stories that poured on the city in the 19th and 20th centuries, when the doors of the first cabarets were thrown open, flirty women of fashion craved revelry, and carefree fun on the hill was a bohemian way of life.


From here you will see all of Paris, and at the same time visit the Wall of Love, on which confessions are inscribed in 311 languages.

Also, do not forget to find a bust of Dalida (note – the performer of the hit Paroles) and touch it with your eyes closed. They say the bronze bust has magical powers to fulfill romantic wishes.

Oscar Wilde’s grave

This grave in the Pere Lachaise cemetery is also not to be missed! The stone sphinx, guarding the grave of the English writer, fulfills desires if you whisper them in his ear, and then kiss.

However, Oscar Wilde has many famous neighbors in that cemetery, including Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Beaumarchais, Balzac and Bizet, and others. And the cemetery itself is one of the most famous in the world.

Oscar Wilde's grave

Therefore, if you are not afraid of the dead, then be sure to take a walk along Père Lachaise (you will be surprised how many celebrities have found their final resting place there).

Moulin rouge

The world famous cabaret appeared in the capital at the turn of two centuries and two wars. The cabaret was opened with fanfare – in Montmartre, and its owners could hardly imagine that after almost 130 years, it would be almost impossible to get tickets to this institution, and the shows presented at the Moulin Rouge would be the most expensive in the world.

Moulin rouge

However, the main thing has been preserved – the shocking and provocativeness of the show. Today, in this elite music hall, and once a former pub for ordinary gypsum miners, you can spend several unforgettable hours with a romantic dinner and a fantastic performance.

Tickets, of course, are not cheap (about 100 euros), but the price includes champagne and a table for two.

Palace of Versailles

One of the residences of numerous French monarchs – and the most expensive palace, reflecting the luxury of the era of the famous Sun King. In all fairness, this palace is the most luxurious monument of the French monarchy.

Palace of Versailles

The construction of the castle began in 1661 in the marshes. Today the Versailles Palace is not only a stunningly beautiful building, but also a fantastic park with famous fountains and groves (over 800 hectares!).

Here you can go boating or cycling, watch a performance – and even attend a royal evening.

Bagatelle Park

This beautiful place is located in the famous Bois de Boulogne. In 1720, a small garden and a simple house became the property of the Duke d’Estré, who makes a castle out of the house for the holidays and calls it Bagatelle.

Bagatelle Park

Years passed, the owners of the castle changed, and after half a century the building with the territory passed to the Count D’Artois. The easy-going count makes a bet with Marie Antoinette that he will complete the reconstruction of the castle in just a couple of months, while you rest in Fonteblo. The bet was won by the count. At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle with the already erected park was bought by Napoleon, in 1814 it again passed to the count and his son, and in 1904 – under the wing of the Paris mayor’s office.

A visit to this park will give you many memories, because it has hardly changed since the 18th century. By the way, the park is also famous for its rose garden, where a competition for the best roses is held annually (the number of varieties exceeds 9000).

Place des Vosges

Having started a romantic walk in Paris, do not forget about the Place des Vosges, formed in the swamps by Louis 9th and donated by him to the Order of the Knights Templar.

The quarter, which was created in the 13th century on the site of drained marshes, developed so quickly that in the 14th century the royal family took possession of almost all buildings (including the Tournelle Palace) “too quickly and daringly” prosperous Templars. Catherine de Medici also moved here with Henry II, who at a knightly duel in 1559 received a spear that was incompatible with life, which later marked the beginning of the appearance of the Place des Vosges.

Place des Vosges

The history of the square is truly rich: the square, recreated by Henry the 4th, was named Royal, but the king, killed by a Catholic fanatic, did not have time to see it. A little later, the square was again magnificently opened, but this time in honor of the engagement of the new king to Anna of Austria.

Today, this ideal rectangle with a single through street is called the Place des Vosges, which is surrounded by 36 houses and palaces of the king and queen, identical and looking at each other.

Why not? This magical place will give you no less joyful minutes than the river tram and the Versailles park. Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!

True, it is better to take tickets in advance so as not to overpay at the ticket office of the park.


At your service here – more than 50 attractions, 55 restaurants and shops, evening shows and musicals, behind the scenes cinema and much more.

Not far from Disneyland, you can spend the night in one of the luxurious hotels, ideal for honeymooners and just lovers.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

This stunning cathedral was erected to commemorate the victims of the Franco-Prussian War. The crypt of the basilica contains an urn with the heart of Lejantil, the founder of the church. The first stone of the Sacre Coeur was laid back in 1885, but the cathedral was finally completed only after the war in 1919.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

It is important to note that the basilica turned out to be too heavy for the fragile Montmartre, and 80 deepest wells with stone pylons were used as the foundation for the future cathedral. The depth of each well reached 40 m.

It is in the Basilique du Sacré Cœur that you will find one of the largest bells in the world (over 19 tons) and the loudest and oldest French organ.

What places in Paris do you want to visit – or have you visited? Share your feedback and tips!

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