Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth

Peekaboo ice cream is a very popular and healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. The company is growing steadily since appearing on Shark Tank last year. The company recently launched a new line of flavors and is committed to making all of its ice cream with organic, non-GMO, and kosher ingredients. Ultimately, the net worth of this new brand of ice cream will depend on how well it can grow and expand its distribution.

Peekaboo Organics, a line of ice cream that has hidden vegetables in every scoop, launched in January 2019. The company’s containers are priced between $10 to $15 and include one serving of vegetables. The company hopes to make its products more accessible to consumers by bringing them to markets as mini snacks.

Peekaboo Ice Cream was founded in January 2018 by Jessica Weiss Levison, who previously owned a popular Miami ice cream scoop shop. Levison had to develop new methods of satisfying a new type of consumer, which led her to experiment with flavors that included vegetables. In addition to the pints, she plans to introduce a snack line and expand the distribution of her brand by partnering with Real California Milk.

Peekaboo Ice Cream is owned by Jessica Weiss Levison, who previously worked as an attorney in Florida and won a $10,000 prize on Shark Tank. Before the Sharks stepped in, she had been managing a Miami ice cream shop for ten years before being contacted by the producers of Shark Tank. After that, she has been expanding her business to thousands of stores, bringing in about $5 million a year.

Peekaboo Organics net worth is estimated at $10 million to $15 million, which includes the proceeds from selling cartons of ice cream containing hidden vegetables. The average carton contains enough cauliflower to contribute ten percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A, calcium, and riboflavin. In addition, the company has marketed merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies. Besides being a popular brand of ice cream, Peekaboo Organics also sells hoodies and t-shirts featuring images of its logo.

Peekaboo has grown steadily over the past few years thanks to the introduction of new flavors and the Shark Tank appearance. Despite the recent popularity, the company has not lost its soul and remains focused on creating the healthiest ice cream available. Its recent flavors include unicorn and cookie dough with zucchini. Peekaboo uses vegetables in its recipes, which has helped increase its net worth.

The company is currently growing at a steady pace, with the company currently employing over a dozen people. While the company continues to grow, Jessica Ross is constantly looking for ways to expand and improve her product. The company has received funding from the California Milk Advisory Board and VentureFuel’s Spur Dairy Product Partnership.

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