Perfect abs in just 8 minutes a day – easy and simple!

The best abs exercises for a girl in 8 minutes a dayEvery woman at any age dreams of a flat, beautiful and sexy tummy. So that nothing sticks out anywhere, does not hang and “shuffle”. So that the tummy looks exceptionally tight and neat, and you can wear absolutely any thing, including short tops. It remains only to stop frowning and sigh at the word “press” – and finally get down to business!

But, given the constant employment of modern women, there is very little time left for classes, and even less time for hiking in gyms. What to do?

We swing the press right at home!

The content of the article:

  1. Truths and myths about popular abs workouts
  2. Workout rules for the perfect abs
  3. A set of exercises for perfect abs in 8 minutes a day

Is it possible to pump up the perfect abs in just 8 minutes a day at home – the truth and myths about popular workouts

A good abs is more than just a diet. This is a complex of training and a complex of conditions under which this very press appears.

10 best ab exercises at home

Can you get abs in 8 minutes a day?


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But first, let’s figure it out – where are the myths, and where is the truth about the ideal press:

  • Myth 1. Ab workouts will help to lose fat at the waist. Alas. You cannot lose fat from a certain place by training alone; you will have to approach the issue in a comprehensive manner.
  • Myth 2. The perfect abs requires a lot of lifting from the prone position. In fact, it’s enough to simply choose a set of exercises that complicates the last repetitions. Then the repetition of the exercise will recede into the background.
  • Myth 3. For perfect abs, daily workouts are necessary. Not necessary at all. 3-4 workouts per week is enough.
  • Myth 4. Abs workout is enough for perfect abs. If there is no fatty layer at the waist, then certainly. But in the presence of such, some exercises for the press are too few, an integrated approach is needed. It is impossible to build perfect abs if you are overweight. First, we throw off the extra cm, then we create a beautiful relief of the abdomen.
  • Myth 5. Training the abs is a safe activity. Alas. Contrary to myths, not only the barbell and deadlift can become hazardous to health. Exercises that are hazardous to health also include such loads on the press as a seated barbell press, as well as lifting the body on an inclined (seemingly safe!) Bench (dangerous by the appearance of intervertebral hernias); “folding knife” exercise (dangerous by overworking the ligaments of the spine); lifting straight legs, provided the body is immobile on the bench (it is dangerous with spinal injuries, the appearance of hernias).
  • Myth 6. Fitness stars (and other sports stars) achieve thin waist and abdominal relief with extremely hard training. Alas! All of them, almost without exception, use “magic means” in the form of fat burners and other drugs. But do you need body relief at this price?
  • Myth 7. You need to swing both the lower and upper abs. And again deception. The press has no top and bottom! The press (approx. – the rectus abdominis muscle) is a single whole. And the cubes are provided by enlarging the tendons, which turn ordinary boring muscles into beautiful cubes.
  • Myth 8. Perfect abs requires a large program of a wide range of exercises. Past again! The formation of cubes requires only a minimum of exercises, in which the quality of their execution is important, and not the width of the spectrum of lifts, twists, etc. The main thing is dedication, even if there are one or two exercises.
  • Myth 9. The advertised abdominal belt helps you lose weight on the couch and form cubes without looking up from the TV and chips. Alas and ah! Do not believe a fairy tale, in the promotion of which millions of dollars have been invested. The belt DOES NOT WORK! Of course, this idea has a basis – the EMS principle does exist, but electrical stimulation has nothing to do with muscle growth.
  • Myth 10. While you are pumping the abs, the waist decreases. Girls, be careful! You can even increase your waistline with daily press work! To prevent this from happening, training should be carried out without weights – only with your own weight! So dumbbells to the side, and form cubes with your hands free.
  • Myth 11. Women’s and men’s abs workouts are different. Past again! The only difference is that the girl does not need the burden. And in the dispute “who will pump up the abs faster with the same exercises” both the man and the woman will come to the desired result at the same time.
  • Myth 12. Load on the abs – at the very beginning of the workout. And then we were deceived! We swing the press at the end of the workout so as not to lose the effectiveness of the workout as a whole, overstraining the large nerve nodes in the middle of the body.

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Workout rules for perfect abs in 8 minutes a day

Despite women’s weaknesses, in many ways we women are still stronger than men. We are more motivated to lose weight and create a beautiful body, more active and easy-going.

This is especially important when you understand that training alone for a beautiful tummy is not enough! The press requires an integrated approach!

Therefore, in addition to exercises, we take into account the main rules for creating a press:

  1. Regularity of classes. In 8 minutes a day, you can really achieve the press, but only if you follow all the rules and with a training regime – 2 times a day. Ideal if your abs workout comes after your regular workout.
  2. An hour before training and an hour after – do not eat.
  3. We swing the press ONLY after we have lost the fat on the waist. Otherwise, you simply will not see your gorgeous cubes under the fat.
  4. We eat right. That is, 5-6 times a day, a portion – “from the palm” (from your own!), In the morning – the most abundant food, in the evening – the lightest.
  5. We drink a lot – about 2 liters of water per day.
  6. Eat healthy foods: Olive oil, lean meat, nuts, dairy products, oatmeal and whole grain breads, fish and vegetables, cinnamon (reduces hunger), mustard with red pepper and ginger (speeds up metabolism). Boil food, steam it or eat it raw (if possible).
  7. We do not pump the press during menstruation.
  8. We monitor the regime of sleep and rest.
  9. Don’t forget about cardiothat contribute to the elimination of fat from the waist.

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A set of daily workouts for perfect abs in 8 minutes a day for a girl – exercise video

Before starting to grind the press, we choose a place and time for classes so that no one interferes with the formation of cubes on our stomach.

It is recommended to download the press 2-3 sets per day

Buy yourself a comfortable exercise mat, ventilate the room before exercising, and don’t forget about mood music!

And now the most important thing: a set of the most effective exercises for the perfect abs for a girl. We have selected the most effective and SAFE exercises for women’s health.

So, remember – and let’s get started!

  • Hanging leg raises (approx. – without support in the lower back). We do not avoid this exercise – it is from the list of the most effective! We hang on the horizontal bar or fix ourselves in the elbow straps, then bring our legs together and take them back a little. Now inhale and raise your legs to an angle of 90 degrees. We freeze as much as we can, tighten the abdominal muscles and now slowly lower our legs. Do not swing the body! Reps: 2-3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Twisting on a fitball. Almost the same as lifting from a prone position, only without harming the spine. We lie down on the fitball with our back (with the whole body), we cling our hands on the back of the head, we firmly rest our feet on the floor, and now inhale and slowly fold the body with a back bend. We linger for a couple of seconds at the end point, straining the press, and now – to the starting position. Reps: 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.
  • Plank. Lose fat and build muscle! We accept an emphasis lying, rest our socks and palms on the floor, stretch the body with a string and, holding our breath, maintain this position for a maximum of time. Ideally 30-60 seconds three times a day.
  • Vacuum. One of the most effective ab exercises to help you lose fat (one of Iron Arnie’s favorite exercises) – internal and external! So, hands behind the head, and pull in the stomach so hard that it “sticks to the spine.” Now we “fix” this state and hold on as long as we have enough strength. Plus exercise – it is the most effective of all possible, and you can do it while lying in bed, while washing dishes, in the shower, on the bus, etc. Repetitions: 3-4 times – as long as you have enough strength.
  • And – the last exercise. We lie on our backs, bend our knees, hands behind our heads – and cling to the lock on the back of the head. And now we reach with the left elbow to the right knee, then to the starting position and immediately with the right elbow to the left knee. Reps: 2-3 sets of 20-30 reps.

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What ab exercises do you prefer to do? How are they effective, is the result achieved quickly? Please share your tips!

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