Peter Andre loves his huge family

Musician Peter Andre feels joy and enthusiasm when his entire family gathers under one roof. With his wife Emily, he is raising two children, and he also has a daughter, Princesses, and a son, Junior, from his ex-wife Katie Price.

The 45-year-old singer managed to build relationships with children and wives in such a way that no one argues or conflicts with anyone.

Peter Andre

Peter Andre Emily2
Peter Andre with his wife Emily

Peter Andre Emily

Peter Andre Emily with a child

Katie Price Princesses and Junior
Katie Price with children Princesses and Junior
Peter Andre Emily with children
Peter Andre and Emily with Princesses and Junior

“We’re a good team, my wife is lovely,” Andre says. – She smiles all the time, always positive. We are so happy, I feel how lucky I am, I found a way to fix all the problems. It’s easier than ever to roll on a knurled track. It takes time to meet with the whole family.

Katie Price has spent the last months fighting PTSD. She had to go to specialists and go to a rehabilitation clinic. Peter hopes that she will recover, be able to deal with the children again. While Price’s children live with Peter and his wife.

“We all had an amazing summer,” the musician adds. “But I’m afraid I can’t talk about the rest. I have to participate in everything that happens. My kids are top priority. I think it’s important to deal with this kind of thing privately, and that’s what I do. I want to make sure that my personal life is protected from any negativity, this is my main goal. I want the kids to focus on school, have a good weekend and have fun.

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