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The first ad for John Smith’s No Nonsense is one of Kay’s most famous roles. He starred in a TV ad campaign between 2002 and 2005. The ad featured him and his TV wife, Claire. In the ad, Kay plays a Bolton comic who makes everyone laugh. The ad also features his own marriage to his wife, Claire.

After four years as the company’s spokesman, Kay decided to take a break from his tour and returned to his previous role. He was as popular as ever, and a new campaign was launched featuring a six-pack and some seedy affairs. He also included nods to previous ads, such as a reference to a time when Kay set up a snooker table in his living room.

The new John Smiths adverts with Peter Kay are a breath of fresh air, and are sure to make anyone’s day. The actor’s sarcastic and witty banter has earned him a net worth of PS32 million. In addition to being a successful comedian, Kay is also a generous donor to charity. He has starred in a Car Share episode that aired in early 2019 and all proceeds from it went to his charity, the Lily Foundation.

After a long break from television, Kay has been starring in a variety of adverts for John Smiths. These are still some of the funniest commercials to air in the UK. He has also been in various successful films such as Phoenix Nights and Car Share. He has a number of number one records under his belt and has been an acclaimed snooker player, despite his bloated figure.

A new advert for the John Smiths snooker table featured Peter Kay and the ‘no-nonsense’ local champion John Smith. The new adverts have proved popular and effective, and they have remained among the most popular commercials in the UK. And while the adverts may not be as funny as the original, they are still a must-see for any fan of booze.

The new advert for John Smiths will also star Kay in a number of ad campaigns for the booze brand. The campaign will run on Saturday, October 7, and features the actor in a three-minute advert for bread. It shows the man with a six-pack while snooker is played on his living room. The ad will make people laugh.

The advert for John Smiths featured Peter Kay and his TV wife Alison Darling. The two had worked together in the Monsters series, but the pair had never worked together again. But that did not stop Kay from returning to his favourite role as a comedian and a host. He even reunited with his former TV wife Alison Darling in the ‘Dive’ advert. In the advert, he asked her to name his ideal fantasy woman.

During the adverts, Kay and John Smiths reunited for a special episode. In the episode, Kay reveals that his ideal fantasy woman is Tess Daly. While his wife is insistent on Tess Daly, the two men are unable to agree on their ideal fantasy woman. The episode ended with a cliffhanger. During the next episode, the actors returned to the show and re-wrote the adverts.

Another memorable advert from the show featured Kay and John Smith. The campaign was a hit and spanned almost a decade. It was a spoof of John and Kay’s previous adverts. The campaign saw a drunk man dive into a pool. This prompted a lot of reaction from viewers. In the next season, the ads showed a man with a ‘dive’.

The funny ad has become one of the most memorable. It is widely seen on TV, and it is popular in the UK. It is one of the most watched adverts of all time. There’s a reason why the ad has been so successful. Its ‘no-nonsense’ approach has become one of the most well-known in the world.

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