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Beautiful bouquet for September 1 What needs to be prepared for a child who is going to a ceremonial line in honor of September 1? A school holiday uniform – by itself. New shoes are a must. An original hairstyle for September 1 for school girls and a stylish haircut for school boys – without this, too, nowhere. And even without a beautiful bouquet – even more so! It is clear that by the day of knowledge, all the roads to schools and back will be practically paved with flowers, but at least it’s better to decide for yourself what this bouquet should be like in advance. How to choose the right bouquet for a student?

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How to choose the right bouquet for September 1 for a student – important recommendations

Beautiful bouquet for September 1

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Choosing a bouquet for a child on September 1, avoid common parenting mistakes and remember the main thing:

  • Do not overuse exotic.
  • Do not choose too large bouquets for first-graders (they are just hard to hold). In particular, gladioli – with them, the first-grader looks like a bouquet with legs, the child himself is not visible behind the flowers.
  • For a young teacher, a bouquet of flowers will be preferable medium-sized and pastel shades (carnations, lilies). But an aged teacher – bright and large flowers (dahlias, chrysanthemums). Suitable for a male teacher strict monophonic bouquet with dark greens.
  • Focus on the age of the child: for a high school student, a “bridal bouquet” will be inappropriate, and for a first-grader – an armful of gladioli.

A beautiful bouquet for September 1 - how to choose the right one?

Video instruction: How to make an inexpensive and original bouquet for September 1

Concerning the choice of the colors themselves, there are also some nuances here:

  • How to make a bouquet for September 1Roses, although they are luxurious flowers, they will not be suitable as a gift for a teacher. They carry a completely different emotional coloring, it is better to leave them for other reasons.
  • Lilies – flowers are noble and beautiful. But it is better to present them in a package: bright pollen of flowers can stain the white shirt of a first-grader.
  • Asters are considered to be “no zest” flowers. Although, if you work with the bouquet, you can create a real floristic masterpiece.
  • Concerning gladioli – not every first grader will be able to keep such a bouquet. And it will be too long in height.
  • But chrysanthemums – the most ideal option. The downside is their cost, but, on the other hand, knowledge day does not happen every week.

Bouquet for a first grader on September 1 – original and child-friendly compositions

Wouquet for a first grader on September 1To create an original composition for a first-grader’s bouquet, today there are many rather bright expressive means. The main rule here is quality, not the size of the bouquet. Of course, you can order a bouquet or buy it on the way to the ruler, but if this bouquet is intended for first-graders, then you can and should pay special attention to it.

Things to Remember when creating a floristic composition?

  • How to make a bouquet for September 1 correctly Wire can be used to decorate a bouquet decorative butterflies and dragonflies, ribbons and beads, and even sweets… Don’t forget about maple leaves, rowan branches and wildflowers – this will add originality to the compositions.
  • When choosing packaging check that it does not get your hands dirty.
  • Choose flowers that will not cause allergies The child has.
  • Don’t create a cumbersome composition and pay attention to its strength so that your bouquet does not crumble in the middle of the line.
  • Don’t forget the piaflora using the bouquet basket (sponge), which will keep the flowers fresh and make the process of creating a bouquet easier.

Stylish bouquets for graduates on September 1 – as a gift to your beloved teacher

Beautiful bouquet for September 1 for a graduateFor first graders, September 1 is one of the most important holidays. But this day is even more important for the graduate. For many graduates, teachers are more friends than teachers. And, of course, the realization that the school period of life is coming to an end evokes a lot of emotions in high school students. Therefore, they choose bouquets with special scrupulousness. Usually, at this age, the guys already know themselves what to give whom to whom, what flowers are preferable, the better to arrange
In general, it is not the bouquet itself that matters, but the attentiveness of the students. Of course, a handmade bouquet will be the best gift.
Beautiful bouquet for September 1 for a graduate
Beautiful bouquet for September 1 for a graduate

We make a bouquet for September 1 with our own hands – video instruction

BuketOf course, the easiest option is to order a bouquet in a store. If this option is yours, then entrust your child with the right to choose a bouquet for your beloved teacher. And do not try to add luxury to the bouquet with the help of expensive flowers – they, one way or another, will be lost in that sea of ​​flowers, traditional for September 1. Therefore, if you want your bouquet to become the most interesting and memorable, do it yourself… How? Remember a few rules and watch our video tutorial

Video instruction: How to create a bouquet for September 1 with your own hands

Do-it-yourself basic rules for making a bouquet for September 1:

  • Do-it-yourself beautiful bouquet for September 1Give preference rounded flowers (dahlias, chrysanthemums, chamomile, etc.). Give up gladioli and daffodils right away, unless the bouquet is a regular sign of attention.
  • Cut flowersso that they are all the same length. For a bouquet of different flowers, this rule is optional.
  • Consider the arrangement of flowers in your composition.
  • Choose small flowers only long and place them in the background, large ones should be shorter and placed in the foreground.
  • Next, start decorating… As a decoration, firstly, vegetation from your summer cottage is suitable. For example, leaves of aspidistra, gypsaphilum, fern, etc. Such decoration is placed exclusively at the edges or in the heart of the bouquet.
  • Beautiful bouquet for September 1 If desired, decorate the bouquet with rhinestones, sparkles, ribbons, decorative ornaments – enough imagination and materials.
  • Well, the last stage – package… The basic rule is combination with the bouquet itself

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