Phyto barrel, cedar barrel – how effective is a fashionable procedure? Reviews.

Today, in the list of services of many SPA salons, you can find such a service as a cedar phyto barrel for weight loss, recovery and rejuvenation. And although this service is quite new, it has an ancient rich history.

What is a phyto barrel?

A phytobarrel is a kind of mini-sauna made of cedar wood, which is popularly called a natural healer. Cedar is rich in phytocides, which inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microargonisms that harm our health.

Cedar barrel, phyto barrel - does it help to lose weight?

How is the procedure carried out?

Before the procedure You will need to completely undress and take a shower. After a shower, you will be invited to go into the phyto barrel.

Steaming in a cedar barrel while sitting. There is a special bench inside for this. For convenience, the barrel has special armrests that you can lean on. The phyto barrel is designed so that during the session your head is outside and the steam does not affect the vessels of the brain. This procedure is perfect for those who do not tolerate a regular bath or sauna.

The session lasts an average of 15 minutes, to enhance the effect of the procedure, a decoction of herbs and essential oils are added to the water.

Advice: do not forget slippers and a house towel with you for the procedure

Slimming cedar barrel, the effect achieved

According to experts, after one session, the effect of the orange peel is reduced by 15-20%, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

An excellent fat burning effect can be achieved by adding peppermint or grapefruit essential oil to the water.

During the procedure, an intense loss of moisture occurs, due to this, volumes are significantly lost. In one session, you can lose up to a kilogram of excess weight.

However, it should be borne in mind that the lost excess weight is half of excess water and slags

But if you go to this procedure often enough, the effect will not be long in coming.

It will be very useful to alternate a cedar barrel and a mustard bath… Thus, the volumes will begin to decline very rapidly.

It will be very useful to have a session in a cedar barrel after a gym or any other sports activity. A relaxing effect is also added to fat burning.

Contraindications to phyto barrel, cedar barrel

The phyto-barrel has many undeniable advantages, but there are also certain contraindications. First of all, these include:

  • kidney and liver diseases,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • malignant formations,
  • arrhythmia,
  • critical days and other bleeding.

Cleansing and rejuvenation

Under the influence of warm steam, sweat pores open as much as possible and the sebaceous glands work actively, thanks to which all harmful substances are removed from the body. Tissues and cells are cleansed, metabolic processes are normalized.

Such cleansing has a beneficial effect on the restoration of physical strength, strengthens the immune system, rejuvenates your skin, and gives a boost of vivacity.

Among other things, the cedar barrel has medicinal properties:

  • relieves both joint and headaches,
  • heals the back and the cervical spine,
  • muscle neurology,
  • copes well with colds.
  • relieves chronic fatigue syndrome.

What do they write about the effect of a cedar barrel on the forums?


It’s like a bath … if you go to it after the gym, say, then the result will be good.


Girls, I went to the barrel today! Such a thrill! I relaxed, and in general, I hope that after such sensations, the effect should be! but I also decided to combine it with wrapping and lymphatic drainage massage every other day.


A cedar barrel is a great thing! In fact, you are losing weight from her. Not much, i.e. if you need to lose 15 kg, it will not help. But it really does take out some surplus!


It was a super experience! First, you sit in a large barrel, steam your whole body with all sorts of essential oils and herbal teas. Sauna type! You sit while you can endure. And then they start to massage you all over your body !!! If you want anti-cellulite, then with honey. What a thrill it is! The procedure lasts at least two hours. And you go out – a new person. You have a rest – like nowhere else!

Share your impressions with us, those who have already been in the cedar barrel!

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