Pick a tarot card and it will tell you about your love life

Tarot is a deck of cards used for divination. It is believed that different cards and their combinations (layouts) can help you correctly interpret the current situation or model the future, as well as provide advice and answers to the most pressing questions.

In front of you are 3 overturned tarot cards. Choose one of them and then she will turn to you and reveal information about your personal life and your relationships.

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Card 1 – Queen of Wands

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The key meaning of the card is happiness, passion and interest. Have the courage to open your heart to a new love experience and find the chosen one of your dreams. The resolute Queen of Wands, seated on the throne, suggests that when you have feelings for a person, then you should not hide them if you really want to start a relationship with him. However, be careful not to attract the owner and selfish person.

And if you are already in a relationship, then you definitely need to demonstrate to your partner that you care about him, and pay more attention to him. Spend as much time as possible and talk about everything. Discover new hobbies and broaden your horizons in relationships.

Card 2 – Chariot

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This card depicts a young king in a chariot and represents “action” and “Acquisition”. True love is already on its way to you. If you have a regular partner, know that he really appreciates your relationship and is in love with you. His feelings are deep and strong. However, you should prioritize correctly and not lose yourself in love.

For those who are lonely, a new stage will soon begin, and fate will send them a special person. If you already have an interest in someone, but cannot express your true feelings, let go of all fears and get rid of insecurity. You must use every opportunity to get things done.

Card 3 – King of Swords

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The King of Swords symbolizes authority, strength and patience, and the card itself indicates that you know how to take the initiative in a relationship!

This card depicts the emperor in thought, but he has wisdom and solid life experience. He is stubborn, because he is not going to give up his interests and goals. If you are in a relationship, you have taken a leadership position in it, and everything develops in accordance with your desires. Be careful not to get too demanding, as the lack of balance can harm your union.

If you don’t have a partner, but you are interested in someone, you have a chance to quickly win his or her heart. Since you are confident in this person, grab his attention and show all your best qualities to arouse reciprocal interest.

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