Pierre Ducan’s protein diet – real reviews and results

Today, there are a great variety of all kinds of diets for weight loss. One of the most effective and safe is the protein diet, developed by the famous French nutritionist – Pierre Dukan. Read who is the Ducan diet for?

The main principle can be called eating low-carb foods… This protein diet is designed to be the foundation of all nutrition in the future, not just a short-term weight loss aid. The use of the Ducan diet leads to the normalization of weight, cleansing the body of toxins and restoring metabolism. According to general data, following this diet, you can lose in a week up to 5 kg of excess weight

The main the essence of the diet consists of four different stages The difference in all stages in the food used.

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DUKAN’S DIET is the least favorite diet among nutritionists. Shock weight loss caused by a sharp rejection of fats and carbohydrates is not long-term – in 80% of cases, the weight lost during the diet returns. Scientific studies show that Ducan’s diet can significantly harm health and normal metabolism in the long term. Avoiding fat entails problems with fat-soluble vitamins (primarily vitamin D), absorption of calcium and a number of other minerals.

The diet has a number of risks and contraindications that must be mentioned. Pierre Ducan himself never hid that his nutritional system increases the load on the liver and kidneys, therefore it is categorically contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers, people suffering from chronic renal and liver failure, gout, kidney stones and gall bladder. And also with exacerbation of any chronic diseases – gastritis, ulcers, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis and the like.

For example, during the first phase, which is as unbalanced as possible, for an average of a week, or even more, you eat strictly protein foods. Yes, at this time you are rapidly losing weight: surprised by a sharp change in diet and restriction of carbohydrates, the body begins to literally burn fat deposited on the sides. But the amount of protein you consume is so high that it simply cannot be fully absorbed by the body. And everything that is not assimilated is forced to excrete the kidneys and liver, the load on which increases dramatically and many times over, which can provoke the development of diseases of these organs. In addition, many people who have been on this diet note that at the first stage they experience weakness and apathy – for this, thanks to the lack of carbohydrates, which serve as the main source of energy.

By the way, the second stage, the duration of which can reach six months, is also not very balanced in terms of BJU, so problems with skin, hair and nails are inevitable.

This diet is actually effective. The first time I passed it, I lost as much as 15 kg, which I had only dreamed of before. I succeeded due to the fact that I was then on maternity leave and could easily prepare different foods that the diet allows. After all, this diet is so unique, that you can eat very variedly, despite the fact that the list of foods is limited. But when I decided to go through all the cycles of the diet again, nothing came of it because then I was already working, and there was no time to cook for myself.

What’s so complicated about Ducan’s diet? It was so easy for me. It seems that it couldn’t be simpler. After all, it is very easy to boil eggs, meat or fish. If, of course, there is a habit of eating gourmet dishes, then okay, everything is clear. You just don’t have to bother with the dishes and everything will work out!

If someone decides on the Ducan diet, but does not have a sufficient supply of patience, then it is not even worth starting. Patience will be very necessary for the exact observance of all the rules. Only thanks to them you can get rid of the hated kilograms. I understood all this from my own experience, because I “failed” the first time I tried to go through the diet. I saw that the scales showed minus three kg even at the first stage, and decided not to continue further. Then those three kg plus one more came back in an instant. But the second time I followed everything clearly at every step and achieved weight loss.

This diet is very long. I would even say that this is not a diet, but a transition to a healthy diet. Probably, I had such an opinion, because the second phase lasted for 10 months! Although I do not consider myself one of those lucky ones who managed to lose weight well on this diet. This is because the weight simply did not continue to decrease after the first phase for some reason, which made me very upset, as a result of which I decided to break the rules and alternate days unevenly, with a predominance of protein days. As a result, I felt very bad, and the doctors categorically forbade me to continue losing weight on this diet because of the high protein in my blood. It’s only my initiatives that are to blame. Maybe a little later I will try again, but now I’m clearly observing everything.

This is my first time on this diet. I chose it due to the fact that I really love just all the products that the Ducan diet suggests. So she is perfect for me, I think. Now I have the second stage, I alternate protein and vegetable days. Everything is transferred with ease, in fact, like the first phase. Although the “Attack” lasted for 10 whole days. There are too many to be thrown off. I hope that I will go all the way and achieve the desired result.

I respect this diet. She helped many acquaintances. I myself “sat” on it. I got rid of 7 kg, which were very superfluous. But at the same time, I did not follow the diet thoroughly. I deliberately extended the “attack” to ten days, instead of seven calculated for me. Well, and somehow completely violated one day at the second stage, because there was a corporate party at work. I could not help but come, but also sit with my mouth closed. And nothing, the weight still continued to decline.

I am not good at losing weight on this diet. In principle, I only tried it once, but it was enough for me. She starved for five whole days, and lost almost nothing, so she did not even begin the next phases.

Girls, if someone cannot find oat bran, then I recommend buying rye. I tried both of them and lost weight the same way. In addition, I allow myself a little more than is allowed by the rules of the diet – I eat fruits and vegetables a little more often than recommended. Maybe this somehow affects the rate of weight loss, but everything suits me.

I know, I know such a diet…. I know her very well. It seemed to me very easy on my own experience. All phases are simple and easy. Maybe because I could afford a little sweet once a day – either a slice of chocolate or candy. I call this my personal adjustments. I didn’t like the fact that during the “Attack” I was constantly thirsty, but it’s good that the diet allows a sufficient amount of water.

I can personally boast that the Ducan diet helped me, no matter what they say. No other diet has coped with my weight. And only on this one, I said goodbye to the 8 kilograms that settled on my body after pregnancy. For six months already, the weight has been stable, not a single uninvited kilogram has been added. So I recommend the Dukan diet right and left, as they say.

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