Pink and Carey Hart’s Secrets to a Strong Marriage

Believe it or not, singer Pink and racer Carey Hart have been married for 15 years! They were married on January 7, 2006 on a beach in Costa Rica, and although everything was happening in the relationship of this tattooed couple, they were clearly not bored with each other. Pink and Hart claim that they are still together only because they know how to honestly and openly solve all their problems.

The two first met at the 2001 Summer Extreme Games, in which motorcycle racer Hart broke several bones while attempting a dangerous stunt on his bike.

Despite such an unusual acquaintance, they had a strong relationship, and in 2005, right during the races, Pink herself proposed to her beloved. By the way, Pink and Hart experienced two short breakups: one in 2003, even before marriage, and the second two years after the wedding.

They even drew up divorce papers, but then they made up and got two kids: daughter Willow Sage and son Jameson Moon. The family now actively chronicles their lives on social media, honestly talking about their relationship, marriage and parenting problems. They emphasize that life is not ideal, even for the rich and famous, but they have learned to cope with difficult times.

Let’s heed the advice of the singer and her husband, since 15 years is a long time.

Pink and Carey Hart
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1. They don’t take themselves (and each other) too seriously.

To celebrate their 12th anniversary in 2018, Pink posted a collage of their photos over the years on Instagram.

“Today we have been married for 12 years. More precisely 16, if we take into account those 4 years when we thought whether we were going to live together or kill each other. And I’m still in love with you, Hart, ”the singer wrote.

2. They are really best friends.

When the couple split in 2008, Pink honestly wrote about the breakup on her website:

“The most important thing you should all know is that Carey and I love each other very much. Our breakup is not about cheating or quarreling. We are best friends and will continue to be them. “

Pink and Carey Hart 2
Photo @pink

Then Pink released the song “So What” about their relationship and their breakup, the words of which she called “gagging truth.” Surprisingly, it was this song that helped them reconcile, as Pink asked Hart to appear in the video.

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3. They are not afraid to turn to a specialist for help.

In 2019, Pink admitted that their marriage would surely have collapsed long ago if it weren’t for the therapy sessions:

“Carey and I have been visiting a specialist for almost the entire 17 years we’ve been together. And that saves our marriage. Sometimes we just don’t understand each other. Let’s just say Carey speaks Polish, I speak Italian and our therapist speaks both languages. Both me and Carey are from a single-parent family, and we did not have the correct model of how to build and maintain a family, so we needed help. “

Pink and Carey Hart 4
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4. They support each other in raising children.

Parenting is an important part of marriage, and luckily Pink and Hart agree on how Willow and Jameson are raised, they both praise each other and support their teaching skills and approaches.

On Mother’s Day 2020, Hart called Pink the “next level mother” on Instagram:

“The love and attention that she gives to our children is incomparable. She manages to be a wonderful mother, musician, wife and friend at the same time. “

Pink and Carey Hart 3
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5. They take the roller coaster ride of their relationship

In an interview with The Guardian in October 2017, Pink described her conflicting feelings for her husband rather harshly, but this is just another example of the couple’s honest and open approach to their marriage:

“There are times when I look at Hart, and he is the most caring, attentive, constant … he is like a rock. And then I look at him and think, yes I never liked you. I don’t like anything about you. We do not have anything in common. I don’t want to see you anymore. ”

6. They compliment each other sincerely.

In 2019, when Pink turned 40, Hart confessed his love for her in a caption to a joint black and white photo on Instagram:

“I have already celebrated 18 of your birthdays with you and I can say that this is amazing. You have become a successful businesswoman, a superstar, a devoted mother, wife, winemaker, biker mom, and a wonderful friend to everyone around you. I look forward to many more birthdays with you to see how crazy we are even at 80 years old. “

Pink and Carey Hart 5
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7. They give each other the opportunity to take a career break.

In November 2019, Pink announced that she would be taking a “year of the family” break in 2020. Then the singer did not yet know about the impending pandemic and that she and her son would have to get sick with COVID-19 in March 2020.

“Willow is on her way to school,” Pink said at the CMA Awards. – Jameson goes to kindergarten. So I’m taking a break for a year of family. Carey supports me in everything, he travels around the world for me, so now it is his turn to do his work. “

8. They both recognize that marriage is hard work.

Pink and Hart have come a long and difficult path in their relationship, but the singer says that it was all worth it:

“Our unforgiving and stubborn idealism holds us together. Marriage is fun, beautiful, comfortable and emotional. It’s also boring, scary and nervous. It means to love another, absolutely imperfect person, while trying to love yourself. “

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