Plus-size model Dilyara Larina suggested a recipe for happiness

Happiness is a wayward bird, which is sometimes difficult to lure and catch. Having, it would seem, everything, some people still feel unhappy, while others manage to enjoy every little thing and always be positive.

Plus category model Dilyara Larina expressed her version of how to find happiness here and now.

Dilyara Larina
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The recipe for happiness

Dilyara Larina is a positive, optimistic person who never loses her presence of mind. In most of the photographs, we see her genuinely cheerful and happy. How she succeeds, the domestic plus-size model told in her recent post, offering her recipe for happiness – simple and accessible to everyone. According to the star, it is not always necessary to “wait for the weather by the sea,” sometimes we are quite capable of making ourselves a little happier.

“Happiness! They say that it comes only to those who are hospitably waiting for it, but what about the hypothesis that all the best happens to us spontaneously? My alternative – and you just need to create, develop, generate within yourself “your happiness”, which no one can influence! “

The star also shared that at the moment of the frame in this photo she is sincerely happy at 99% and asked the subscribers how happy they are.

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Dilyara Larina2
Photo @dilarina

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By the way, this is not Dilyara’s first post on the topic of happiness and joy of life. Previously, the model admitted that she prefers calmly, without harsh negativity, to accept various life circumstances and adapt to them, and not get angry or give up. Also, the star tries to enjoy every moment and see the maximum of positive in everything.

“My philosophy is based on the ability to enjoy every new day and what it brings! I feel real pleasure from the moments that make up life itself, where the material is secondary, not the meaning of my being in this beautiful world! I confess that with such views it is not easy to live in modern realities, but it was the fashion world that showed me the insignificance of all this … ”.

Through thorns

Dilyara did not find happiness and complete harmony with herself right away: she started out as a model in the usual category, but at that time she had to constantly diet, limit herself in everything and go to the gym six times a week. In addition, her boyfriend was then dissatisfied with the figure of the chosen one and often criticized Dilyara, demanding to lose weight. It was a vicious circle for her.

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The model admits that self-love comes spontaneously and the attitude of men plays an important role in this. Now, having accepted her natural beauty, Dilyara feels self-confident, beautiful and happy woman.

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