Ponchos, capes and capes – what’s the difference, how to choose and what to wear?

One of the main trends this fall is capes, ponchos and capes. With their help, you can stylishly insulate yourself, add a touch of sophistication to the usual image. A properly chosen cape will adorn any girl, regardless of her height and body type.

Choosing ponchos, capes and capes

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Major differences

Cape – loose-fitting cape with slits for the arms. Most of all, this thing resembles a coat, only sleeveless. It has a definite shape, unlike a poncho. As a rule, the cape fits the shoulders, gradually expanding downward.

Classic Cape from Zara Classic Cape from Zara for 5,999 rubles

Poncho – sleeveless cape. Initially, these clothes were worn by the indigenous people of America. It is usually made from soft and warm fabrics. You can make a poncho yourself. Just take a rectangle of the size you want, then cut a hole for the head.

Knitted poncho Knitted poncho with custom collar from Mohito for 1799 rubles

Cape any item of outerwear that does not have fasteners is considered. It can be of any shape and length, with or without sleeves. Many ponchos and capes are referred to as capes.

Color solutions

The most popular are now considered plaid capes… They are in the collections of eminent and novice designers. Even in the mass market, you can find a trendy check poncho.

Poncho from Mango Poncho from Mango for 2999 rubles

They look very solemn capes with embroidery or appliques… They will become a bright accent of the image. Therefore, it is recommended to combine such models with simple trousers or dresses.

For an always on-trend look, pair printed wraps with a solid bottom. But an exception can be made if two things with a similar pattern have appeared in your wardrobe. This combination can look very interesting.

Cape of Ruxara Cape from Ruxara for 6450 rubles with a matching skirt

If you only want to buy one thing, go for the universal tones: beige, gray, black and white.

Remember that the sleeves are usually visible in the cape slots. And they should match in color with the cape. If you can’t find the right sweater, just buy gloves in the right shade.

Fashionable combinations

At the latest fashion shows A-line capes put on under dresses and skirts. In this case, the hem should not be longer than the cape. To get a harmonious look, choose things that are similar in texture or color scheme.

Poncho Poncho for 2999 rubles from Mango

This poncho looks very cool with pants in a similar color scheme.

Also remember the main rule: you can not combine a fluffy top and bottom. It is better to choose a tight or loose skirt, straight or tapered pants.

Tall girls can experiment with flared trousers. High-rise skinny jeans are perfect for a casual look with a cape. An elongated cape can be worn with leggings.

Oversized long ponchos can be combined with chunky boots or high heels. Choosing low-speed shoes will make you appear shorter than usual. But it all depends on the style and color of the model. Some capes are perfect for sneakers, ballet flats or ugg boots.

Cape Cape for 2470 rubles from Oodji

The cape matches perfectly with classic heels.

In the fall, we insulate not only the body, but also the head. Be sure to add a stylish wide-brimmed hat to your poncho. An exquisite cape can be combined with a beret. Do not wear a cape with a cap or earflaps, it will look ridiculous

Ponchos and capes should not be worn with small, delicate accessories. It is better to choose massive earrings or bracelets. You can skip jewelry altogether if the cape itself is bright enough. It is also advisable to forget about backpacks and shapeless tote bags. They are categorically not compatible with most models of capes. It is better to put things in a small rectangular purse or clutch.

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