Popular and fashionable glasses worn by stars

Fashionable glasses of popular Russian starsThe days when glasses with diopters were ugly, and only served to correct vision, are long gone. Now celebrity beauties use them as a feature of their individual style, adding notes of sexuality, elegance or coquetry to the images with the help of this accessory, depending on the mood.

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  1. Anna Sedokova’s lovely glasses
  2. Glasses in the images of Natalia Vodianova
  3. Glasses as a sexy touch
  4. Glasses are like best friends!
  5. When glasses are the highlight of the style!

Anna Sedokova’s lovely glasses

Singer Anna Sedokova does not need additional techniques to accentuate her sexuality. She chooses glasses of large, round shape, in a thin dark frame.

Anna Sedokova

And this is an excellent solution, because it is such an accessory that adds charm and spontaneity to her images. And by nature, Anna’s beautiful big eyes in such glasses look even more expressive.

Glasses in the images of Natalia Vodianova

The model known all over the world is famous for its kindness, innocence and openness. She chooses the appropriate glasses: large enough, with accented dark frames – and charming in their simplicity. And the shape can be different.

Glasses in the image of Natalia Vodianova

It is worth noting that both Anna Sedokova and Natalya Vodianova do not often wear glasses, so it is difficult to say whether they really have poor eyesight.

But, even if this is only an element of the image, they use it skillfully!

Glasses as a sexy touch

Masha Malinovskaya is very fond of large glasses in a tortoiseshell frame. But, unlike the previous famous beauties, in Masha’s images, large glasses emphasize languor and sexuality.

Masha Malinovskaya in glasses with tortoiseshell framesA bold look with oversized glasses

The famous blonde is sure that such an active accessory goes well with bold things, such as leather pants or revealing dresses. And the sets in the photo of Masha Malinovskaya prove that she is right.

Glasses are like best friends!

Victoria Daineko is another brave girl who is not shy about vision problems. When performing on stage, she prefers to wear contact lenses. However, in everyday life, judging by the instagram photos, Victoria often and happily wears glasses.

She has many different models, but the singer has a particular weakness for the version of “cat’s eye” with elongated upper corners.

Victoria Daineko's casual setGlasses and red lipstick in the image of the singerFunny image of Victoria Daineko

The star uses glasses in a variety of ways: flirty and playful, sexy and cocky. Her sets are also interesting because the singer knows how to beautifully combine glasses with red and dark lipstick.

When glasses are the highlight of the style!

It is impossible to talk about glasses – and not to remember Evelina Khromtchenko, because she demonstrates the true art of using this accessory in images.

It is simply impossible to list all the models worn by the famous blonde. Large – and small, with massive – and barely noticeable frames … It seems that in Evelina’s house a whole room is set aside specifically for storing your favorite accessory.

Glasses in the style of Evelin KhromchenkoGlasses of a cat's eye in the image of a celebrityThe exit of Evelina Khromchenko in large square glasses

The most amazing thing is that all the models of glasses look equally good on her and complement the invariably elegant images of the famous fashionista. 8-10

Famous beauties constantly prove by personal example that glasses are an ultra-modern and interesting accessory. They took the art of using it to a new level, and some – for example, Evelina Khromchenko – even made glasses an integral attribute of a recognizable individual style.

What glasses do you prefer? Share with us your valuable tips for choosing this fashion accessory!

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