Pregnancy 10 weeks – fetal development and woman’s sensations

Child’s age – 8th week (seven full), pregnancy – 10th obstetric week (nine full).

The 10th obstetric week is troublesome for both the expectant mother and the unborn baby. This is the period when the child’s movements are not yet felt, but the beating of his heart can already be felt independently. Despite the tiny size, the baby already has all the organs, and the active formation of the brain is taking place. Therefore, most of the advice for this week comes down to one thing – to lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle so that the child’s nervous system is formed normally.

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Feelings of a mother in the 10th week

Begins – and lasts up to 20 weeks – second wave of placentation

  • The body of the uterus increases, and it becomes cramped in the pelvic cavity, as a result of which the woman begins to feel heaviness in the pelvic region;
  • In connection with the tension of the ligaments of the uterus, there are periodic pulling pains in the groin area;
  • Frequent urination;
  • The appearance of insomnia, sensitivity and superficiality of sleep, frightening, sometimes nightmares;
  • Allocations (in case of bloody discharge, you should immediately consult a doctor – they can be a symptom of a miscarriage).

Shouldn’t put on weight yet!

What women say about well-being in groups and forums


I have already ten weeks … Belly that is, it is not. Toxicosis weakens. But I don’t want to eat as before, I even lost a little weight. And she doesn’t feel like having sex at all, although it’s a pity for her beloved … My head is spinning, I want to sleep all the time, my chest is aching … How is the baby there, I wonder?


Hello to all expectant mothers! And we are already 10 weeks old! I never went to the doctor – and I feel so great. There is no toxicosis at all, insomnia too. In general, if I didn’t know that I was pregnant …


And I think that there is no point in going to the consultation early. What is there to listen to? And the baby is still an embryo. The main thing is not to worry. So that there is no threat. Why seek adventure on your own? And so there are enough of them in life. All of a minimum of toxicosis and a maximum of joy!


Girls, hello! And we even managed to lie down on conservation! Uterine tone, threat. They did an ultrasound scan three times, wee, like a little worm.)) Today they let me go home. Actually, what I mean – do not delay the trip to the doctor. Better to be safe.


Well, I have no feelings. The chest only aches at night. And the loin. And so everything is fine. Tomorrow ultrasound. I wait with fear.))

What happens in the mother’s body in the 10th week?

  • Increased anxiety and mood swings;
  • Enlargement of the thyroid gland;
  • Loose gums;
  • The gradual disappearance of the waist;
  • The appearance of Montgomery nodules (small lumps in the areola of the mammary glands);
  • Small weight gain;
  • Increased fatigue;
  • Morning sickness;
  • The uterus begins to squeeze the great blood vessels. This, in turn, causes varicose veins in the rectum. As a result, hemorrhoids appear. To combat this problem, you need to monitor the regularity of the stool.

Shouldn’t put on weight yet… It is impossible to feel the uterus – it is just beginning to go beyond the bosom, 1-2 cm above it.

Fetal development at 10 weeks

The tenth week is the final embryonic stage of development. At the end of it, the baby is officially considered a fetus. If during this period no anomalies in its development were found, then we can safely say that congenital defects do not threaten the child. Soon he will begin to move involuntarily and even suck his thumb.


  • It is already possible to determine the blood type and gender of the baby;
  • Active development of the brain, the beginning of the differentiation of the cortex;
  • Isolation of the hemispheres from the middle and medulla oblongata;
  • Complete division of the nervous system into peripheral and central parts;
  • The head is disproportionately large, but already rounded;
  • Head diameter – about 1.73 cm;
  • Body length – about 4, 71 cm;
  • The eyes are completely covered by the eyelids;
  • The kidneys of the child begin to form urine, which, accumulating in the bladder, is excreted;
  • The baby’s blood supply goes to a different level, the corpus luteum of pregnancy in the ovary withers, the number of hormones synthesized by the placenta increases;
  • The thickness of the placenta is 1.34 cm.

10th week ultrasound, fetal photo

Ultrasound at 10 weeks of pregnancy
Ultrasound for a period of 10 weeks

What does a fetus look like at 10 weeks of gestation?
This is what the fetus looks like at 10 weeks


3D ultrasound is a unique video.

Video: What happens in the 10th week of pregnancy?

Recommendations and advice to the expectant mother

  • Ensuring proper rest and sufficient time for normal sleep;
  • Reception specially designed for expectant mothers vitamin preparationspreferably high in B vitamins and magnesium (of course, with a doctor’s prescription);
  • Following your doctor’s advice on elimination of the consequences of toxicosis (the state of toxicosis is dangerous for a child by a violation of his nutrition and, consequently, development);
  • HCG test… The doctor’s recommendations for this analysis should not cause panic. This is a standard procedure required for information on the amount of the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) produced by the embryo to track its development and growth;
  • Sex in the tenth week is possible, and even more is necessary. But only if there is no threat of interruption;
  • Useful hiking and swimming, as well as playing sports in a mild form – this will help to transfer childbirth easier, take extra pounds and return to previous forms in a shorter time;
  • Nutrition should consist mainly of small portions, be warm and bring the expectant mother extremely pleasure;
  • A procedure such as weighing… Losing weight is a reason to see a doctor;
  • Care must be taken timely emptying of the intestines… The full rectum has pressure on the uterus, which is completely undesirable. If, nevertheless, constipation appears, you can eliminate them with the help of natural, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, black bread, raw (preferably, “live”, spring) water drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, and kefir drunk before bedtime. It is not recommended to use enemas.

Nutrition for the expectant mother

  • Nutrition for the expectant mother at this time should be varied. The foods consumed should provide the baby and the mother’s body with all the necessary trace elements. For example, zinc.
  1. Zinc is required for the synthesis of more than 300 proteins and is part of many enzymes
  2. In the female body, zinc, which is part of the structure of estrogen receptors, is involved in maintaining pregnancy
  3. Most of all zinc is found in pumpkin and sunflower seeds, in bran and germinated wheat grains. It can also be found in eggs, nuts, legumes, green tea, chicken and rabbit. To a lesser extent – in raspberries, vegetables, beef, asparagus and beets.
  • Liquid… At week 10, you should drink about two liters of fluid (eight glasses) per day. This can be water, broths, fruit or vegetable juices. Fluid is needed for easier bowel movement. The best helper in this is plum juice, which is great for constipation problems. Also, warm water with lemon helps with this problem, stimulating intestinal contractions;
  • Allies of the mom-to-be – fiber-rich foods… Dried fruits and fresh fruits are useful for pregnant women, vegetables, cereals (especially whole grains), as well as everything “green” (vegetables, herbs, kiwi, which, by the way, has a very decent laxative effect). Of course, you should not lean on refined fiber. White rice, pasta, white bread and baked goods can only make matters worse;
  • To exclude hemorrhoids you should eat more prunes and fiber-containing foods, sleep mostly on your side (to relieve tension in the anus) and do gymnastics.

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