Pregnancy 12 weeks – fetal development and woman’s sensations

Child’s age – 10th week (nine full), pregnancy – 12th obstetric week (eleven full).

The nausea should be gone by this week. And also the first weight gain should occur. If it is from 2 to 4 kg, then pregnancy develops perfectly.

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How does a woman feel?

You begin to realize that your pregnancy is a reality. The risk of miscarriage is reduced. Now you can safely open your position to relatives, boss and colleagues. A rounded tummy can trigger feelings in your partner that you never knew about (for example, sensitivity and a desire to protect you).

  • Morning ailments gradually disappear – toxicosis, goodbye;
  • The need for frequent toilet visits has decreased;
  • But the hormonal effects on mood persist. You are still harsh about the events around you. Easily annoyed or suddenly sad;
  • This week, the placenta takes on a major role in hormone production;
  • Now constipation may occursince intestinal motility has decreased its activity;
  • Blood circulation in the body increases, thereby increasing the load on the heart, lungs and kidneys;
  • Your uterus has increased in width by about 10 cm… She becomes cramped in the hip region, and she rises into the abdominal cavity;
  • Using ultrasound, the doctor can more accurately determine the date of your birth by the size of the fetus;
  • You may not have noticed, but your heart starts beating faster for a few beats per minute to cope with increased blood circulation;
  • About once a month and a half to the expectant mother need to be tested for bacterial infections (for this she will take a swab from the vagina).

Uteroplacental blood flow begins to form, the amount of blood increases abruptly.

The return of appetite should be limited to understanding the benefits, because pressure begins on the veins of the legs.

Here are the feelings women share on the forums:


Everyone told me that by this time the nausea would pass and the appetite would appear. Maybe I was given the wrong deadline? So far, I have not noticed any changes.


This is my second pregnancy and I am now 12 weeks old. My condition is excellent and I always want to eat pickles. What is it for? I have just returned from a walk, and now I will eat and lie down to read. My first child is with my grandmother on vacation, so I can enjoy my position.


I recently found out about pregnancy, because I have had no periods before. I was shocked, but now I don’t know what to grab onto. I didn’t have any nausea, everything was as usual. Strange I’m pregnant.


Toxicosis passed that week, only I run to the toilet every 1.5 hours. The chest has become so lush, there is nothing to wear to work. Isn’t there a reason to update your wardrobe? I’m going to announce my pregnancy at work this week. I hope they will take this with understanding.


Well, that’s why I put off my dentist appointment earlier? Now I don’t know how to go there. I’m afraid, but I understand what is needed, and it is harmful to be nervous … A vicious circle. I hope that everything is all right with me, although my teeth sometimes ache.

Fetal development in the 12th week of pregnancy

The baby is becoming more and more human-like, although his head is still much larger than the body. The limbs are still small, but they are already formed. Its length is 6-10 cm and its weight is 15 g… or a little more.

  • Internal organs have formed, many are already working, so the fetus is less susceptible to infections and the effects of medications;
  • The growth of the fetus continues rapidly – over the past three weeks, the child has doubled in size, his face takes on human features;
  • Eyelids have formed, now they close their eyes;
  • Earlobes appear;
  • Fully limbs and fingers formed;
  • On fingers marigolds appeared;
  • Muscles develop, so the fetus moves more;
  • The muscular system is already sufficiently advanced, but the movements are still involuntary;
  • He knows how to clench his fists, wrinkle his lips, open and close his mouth, make grimaces;
  • The fetus can also swallow the fluid that surrounds it;
  • He can urinate;
  • In boys, testosterone begins to be produced;
  • And the brain is divided into right and left hemispheres;
  • The impulses are still going to the spinal cord, since the brain is not sufficiently developed;
  • The intestines no longer extend beyond the abdominal cavity. The first contractions take place in it;
  • If you have a boy, the female reproductive organs in the fetus have already degenerated, giving way to the masculine principle. Although the foundations of the organism have already been laid, a few finishing touches remain.

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • At 12 weeks, you can look for a bra that will support your breasts well;
  • Try to eat a variety of foods, preferably fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not forget that with an immoderate appetite, rapid weight gain can occur – avoid this, adjust the diet!
  • Drink enough water and eat foods rich in fiberthis will help avoid constipation;
  • Be sure to visit your dentist. Configure yourself that this is a necessary exercise. And don’t be afraid! Now the gums are getting too sensitive. Timely treatment will help to avoid tooth decay and other diseases. Just be sure to warn the dentist about your position;
  • Announce your pregnancy to your superiorsto avoid misunderstandings in the future;
  • Be sure to check with your gynecologist or clinic what free medicines and services you can count on;
  • If possible, start using the pool. And also do gymnastics for pregnant women;
  • It’s time to inquire about availability schools for future parents in your area;
  • Every time you pass the mirror, look into your eyes and say something nice. If you are in a hurry, just say, “I love myself and my baby.” This simple exercise will change your life for the better. By the way, you only need to approach the mirror with a smile. Never scold yourself in front of him! If you are not feeling well or you are in a bad mood, then it is better not to look in the mirror. Otherwise, you will always receive a negative charge from him and a bad mood.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the tummy at the 12th week, ultrasound and video

Ultrasound at 12 weeks of gestation
Ultrasound at 12 weeks
Woman's belly for a period of 12 weeks - photo
Photo of the tummy at the 12th week
This is what the fetus looks like in the 12th week of pregnancy.
This is what the fetus looks like at 12 weeks

Video: All about baby development at 12 weeks

Ultrasound at 12 weeks of gestation

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