Pregnancy 7 weeks – fetal development and woman’s sensations

Child’s age – 5th week (four full), pregnancy – 7th obstetric week (six full).

The seventh obstetric week corresponds to the 3rd week from the delay and the 5th week from conception. Your second month of pregnancy has begun!

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Signs of pregnancy at week 7

They become obvious, because hormonal changes are already actively taking place in a woman’s body:

  1. Increasingly, appetite changes, salivation worries. If before you ate with great reluctance, now you often snack and look forward to each meal. Certain foods and odors cause nausea, but vomiting is generally only seen in the morning. Some women begin to suffer from early toxicosis, this is evidenced by poor health, frequent vomiting and weight loss.
  2. The emotional state of a woman is very complex and contradictory.… She is glad, but she is constantly worried about something. This period is especially difficult for mothers who are expecting their first child. This becomes the reason for excessive suspiciousness, irritability, tearfulness and changeable mood. The early stages are characterized by lethargy, weakness and dizziness. All this makes a woman worry about her health, and sometimes is the cause of hypochondria.
  3. At the seventh week, the formation of the 1st wave of placentation begins. Chorion gradually transforms into placenta, later forming the uteroplacental complex… This process is accompanied by an increase in the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin in the urine and blood of a woman. Now about the normal course of pregnancy with an increase in the amount of hCG.
  4. The uterus has grown to a goose egg, which can be easily determined during a gynecological examination. And when conducting an ultrasound in the uterus, the embryo is clearly identified, you can consider its shape and measure the length.

Feelings of a woman in the 7th week

Most women at this time feel a deterioration in their well-being:

  • performance decreases,
  • for no apparent reason is felt lethargy and weakness;
  • blood pressure dropsthat causes drowsiness, dizziness and headaches;
  • nausea in the morning, and sometimes vomiting occurs, especially during oral hygiene procedures. For some women, nausea bothers all day, but vomiting should not occur. If vomiting occurs more than 3-5 times a day, then you begin to develop toxicosis in the first half. The woman’s condition is deteriorating, she is losing weight noticeably. Toxicosis is caused by the accumulation of acetone in the body, which poisons the woman and the unborn child. This disease is not a normal manifestation of pregnancy and requires compulsory treatment. Most often, it takes up to 12-14 weeks;
  • Womens the skin becomes looser and more oily, quite often can appear acne or acne… Also, a pathology such as itching of pregnant women is often manifested, which is a sign of toxicosis in the first half. Itching appears all over the body. But most often – in the external genital organs. These unpleasant sensations further exacerbate the woman’s emotional irritation.

If a woman at this time begins to pull the stomach, then this may be a threat of miscarriage. And if spotting appears, then this is evidence of complications.

Reviews of women from forums and groups


Today I am starting my seventh week of pregnancy. I feel great. I am very afraid of toxicosis, because I had the so-called effect of reverse peristalsis even before pregnancy;


I don’t have toxicosis, but my general condition is rather strange … Now everything is fine, then a strong weakness attacks, and sometimes even signs of depression appear. But I am fighting it courageously;


Pungent odors irritate, sometimes nauseous, but fortunately there are no mood swings;


The veins on the chest became visible, as if they were tied with a blue-green mesh. Nausea disturbs in the morning, and when I go out into the fresh air;


I have become very irritable, I am looking for any trifle. I also react strongly to different smells;


And for me this period went just fine, no toxicosis. I was just taking the session, so I didn’t notice any sudden changes in mood and irritability.

What happens in the mother’s body in the 7th week?

At this stage, a woman’s ovum is attached to the wall of the uterus. Most often, the cervix is ​​relaxed. At this time, the obstetrician-gynecologist does not examine the pregnant woman in the chair.

In the cervix the mucus becomes thick and forms a plug that will fence off the uterus from the outside world. This plug will come out before childbirth and will resemble a daub. The areoles of the mammary glands in the 7th week may be darker.

Fetal development in the 7th week of pregnancy

So the embryonic period came to an end, and the embryofetal, or neofetal period begins… On this line, no one calls your future baby an embryo, he is already a fetus – a little man, from whom you can easily recognize the formed human features.

In the seventh week, it begins to actively form:

  • Brain, so the head of the embryo is rapidly increases and reaches approximately 0.8 cm in diameter… In the head, in the neural tube, five cerebral vesicles are formed, each of which corresponds to a section of the brain. Gradually, nerve fibers begin to appear, which will connect the nervous system with other organs of the fetus;
  • The organs of vision are developing. The anterior cerebral bladder protrudes, from which the optic nerves and the retina of the eyes begin to develop;
  • The anterior colon is divided into the pharynx, esophagus, and stomach… The pancreas and liver are enlarged, their structure becomes more complex. The middle section of the intestine protrudes towards the umbilical cord. The posterior part of the intestinal tube begins to form the urogenital sinus and rectum. But the sex of the unborn baby cannot yet be determined;
  • The respiratory system consists only of the tracheathat protrudes from the anterior intestine;
  • In the primary kidney, two thickenings appear on the sides. – genital ridges, which are the rudiments of the sex glands.

Fruit length is 12-13 mm, the outlines of arms and legs appear, more like oars or fins of fish. The features of the nose, mouth and eye sockets appear on the face of the fetus. The development of the digestive system continues, the rudiments of teeth appear.

The kidneys are already starting to function in the crumbs.

To improve the blood supply to the fetus, the structure of the placenta becomes more complex. By the end of the seventh week, it is already about 1.1 cm thick.

Ultrasound at 7 weeks, photo of the fetus, photo of the mother’s abdomen

On this line, ultrasound is very rarely prescribed, only if you need to confirm the fact of an interesting situation.

7th week of pregnancy - ultrasound
7th week – ultrasound

Pregnancy 7 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations

Pregnancy 7 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations
7th week belly photo

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Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

This period is very difficult for many women, because the baby is now very vulnerable.

During this period, the rudiments of many malformations can form. They can be provoked by exposure to a variety of toxins (alcohol, drugs, drugs and other poisons), ionizing radiation, infections. Also, for these reasons, a spontaneous abortion or fetal freezing may occur. Therefore, if you have a stomach or lower back pain, bloody discharge appears – consult a doctor immediately!

To keep your pregnancy going well, follow these general guidelines for expectant mothers:

  • Avoid any intoxication and infection;
  • Do not self-medicate;
  • Eat right;
  • Spend more time in the fresh air;
  • Do not engage in heavy physical labor;
  • If you have had miscarriages, abortions or are at risk of pregnancy before, refrain from intercourse.

The main recommendation on any line: take care of yourself and your child. Whatever you do, first of all think about whether it will harm your baby.

  • On this line, contact the antenatal clinic to register. There you will be tested for blood, urine and feces. They will also measure the body weight of the expectant mother and the size of the pelvis, take smears for infections.
  • All family members will be assigned to undergo fluorography, because contact with tuberculosis is dangerous for a pregnant woman.

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