Pregnancy: how to safely bring down the temperature?

Pregnancy has a very significant effect on the hormonal background and on the thermoregulation of the female body. Already at the very beginning of pregnancy, body temperature changes, this is for the most part and is one of the signs of early expectation of the baby.

With the restructuring of the female body, various inflammatory processes can also occur. But, since a woman, when registering, takes a lot of tests, they actually help to identify possible causes of inflammation.

But during an interesting situation, acute respiratory infections are still common, a symptom of which is fever. If you have a cold, it is best to contact your doctor to know what to do in your situation. Moreover, the situation is now a contraindication to the use of most drugs. The expectant mother can accept them only in extreme cases. Therefore, it is best to dispense with home remedies.

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Folk remedies to bring down the temperature during pregnancy

How to safely bring down the temperature of a pregnant woman?One of the main means of treatment will be drinking plenty of fluids, for example, hot tea with medicinal herbs. However, you should be careful with the amount of liquid. If in the first trimester you can not limit yourself in the amount of liquid you drink, then in the second and third trimester it is not advisable to consume a lot of it.

Good for drinking sweet tea with lemon, decoction of chamomile, linden, raspberries.

With rising temperatures, it will be good to take herbal tea from 2 tsp. raspberries, 4 tablespoons mother-and-stepmothers, 3 tbsp. plantain and 2 tbsp. oregano. This herbal decoction should be taken one tablespoon four times a day.

White willow decoction

You need 1 tsp. finely chopped white willow bark. It should be poured with a glass of boiling water, cooled. Take 4 times a day, one tablespoon.

Coniferous broth

To prepare it, you need 100 g of chopped fir or pine buds and 50 g of raspberry roots. Add 100 g of sugar to them and pour a tablespoon of boiling water over them. Day to insist. Then darken for 6-8 hours in a water bath and put in a dark place for another two days. Then drain the resulting juice and take a tablespoon 4-5 times a day before meals.

All of the above funds are suitable for treatment if the temperature has risen slightly. But if the temperature has risen above 1.5 degrees, then you should already resort to other, more serious methods of treatment.

When should a mother-to-be bring down the temperature?

How to safely bring down the temperature of a pregnant woman?1. When the temperature cannot be brought down for a long time with the help of folk remedies.
2. When, in spite of all attempts to bring down the temperature without the help of medication, it still rises.
3. An increase in temperature is associated with angina, in which case intoxication can be too dangerous for both the mother and the child.
4. Body temperature is above 38 degrees.
5. In the later stages, the temperature should be knocked down after 37.5

What is the danger of high fever for the fetus?

1. Intoxication of the whole body of a pregnant woman can disrupt the work of the cardiovascular system.
2. If a woman’s temperature does not go astray for a long time, then this can lead to a violation of protein synthesis.
3. High temperature affects the work of the placenta, which can often lead to premature birth.
4. High temperature can lead to disruption in the formation of organs and systems of the fetus.

How to safely bring down the temperature during pregnancy?

How to safely bring down the temperature of a pregnant woman?Taking medication during pregnancy can lead to undesirable consequences. So, during pregnancy, you should not take aspirin, it can lead to its interruption in the early stages or to unwanted bleeding and prolonged labor in the later stages. In addition, taking aspirin can contribute to the development of defects in a child.

But if there is a need to take medication, then the one that contains paracetamol is best. These are Panadol, Paracet, Tylenol, Efferalgan. You can also take Metindol, Indametacin, Vramed. But you should take only half a dose, and – only as a last resort.

If the temperature has reached a critical level, then take half a pill and call a doctor at home.

Reviews of women


It is very good to smear the throat, chest and back with Psi Sadlo warming herbal ointment. It is completely natural. It is possible for small children even during pregnancy. You can also do inhalations with it. Try it! We are saved only by it. I don’t like pills.


I want to add that pregnant women should not bring down the temperature with Nurofen (the cat is often used in pediatrics, for example) – it is dangerous for the fetus.


I caught a cold at 10 weeks, the temperature was 37.5-37.7 no higher. I didn’t drink any medicine at all, only tea with raspberries, honey. Milk. I still had a strong runny nose. therefore I did inhalation. You can also Viburkol candles, they also relieve pain. If it pulls quickly. In general, their babies are given a temperature!


I was sick even before I discovered that I was pregnant (but it was already 3-4 weeks). Thank God, I didn’t accept anything strong. Somehow my mind then settled into me)) I only drank milk with honey, tea with raspberries and a lot of vitamin C in various forms – oranges, lemons, kiwi, bell peppers. As a result, this diet cured me very quickly. And for a runny nose, I washed my nose with salt water! It helps a lot!

Share, what did you do at the temperature, how was she knocked down while waiting for the baby?

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