Pregnant dad, or what is Kuvad syndrome

Imagine this situation: you got pregnant and told the child’s father about this wonderful news, but he had two feelings. On the one hand, the future father was very happy, but on the other hand, he was very worried. After a while, you notice the same symptoms in your chosen one as you do. He is sick, drawn to salty, mood often changes. Do not worry – perhaps the future dad has “couvad syndrome”.

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Pregnant dad, or couvad syndrome

Kuvad syndrome, or “false pregnancy”is a mental illness. Usually “false pregnancy” occurs in dads under 30 who are expecting their first child. It happens that the syndrome manifests itself in young fathers who are expecting a second child.

Couvad syndrome is susceptible to unbalanced, nervous and hysterical men… It is difficult for such men to restrain their emotions, because of the slightest failure, they begin to panic and, as a result, depression. In addition, “false pregnancy” is often manifested in those men who do not occupy a leading position in the family, but are “under the thumb” of their wife. Men with “false pregnancy” syndrome often have sexual deviations. Frequent ejaculation or erectile dysfunction is an example.

Most often, the symptoms of couvad syndrome appear 3-4 months pregnant wife… The next stage occurs at the end of pregnancy, i.e. 9 month… It is very difficult for a pregnant girl next to such a man, because he is not able to go shopping, help you around the house and support you in difficult times. As a rule, if a man suddenly developed couvad syndrome, the woman, on the contrary, does not feel practically any signs of pregnancy, since she has to take care of the “pregnant husband”.

Pregnant dad, or couvad syndrome

Physiological symptoms of a false pregnancy for a future dad include:

  • Flatulence;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Heartburn and indigestion;
  • Lumbar pain;
  • Decreased appetite
  • Toxicosis;
  • Limb cramps;
  • Toothache;
  • Irritation of the genitals and urinary tract.

Among the mental symptoms, the following are distinguished:

  • Insomnia;
  • Unwarranted fear;
  • Frequent mood swings;
  • Apathy;
  • Prostration;
  • Lethargy;
  • Irritability;
  • Anxiety, etc.

Spouse may repeat the behavior of your pregnant wife… Pain in the abdomen and lower back with couvad syndrome is exactly the same as with contractions. During the period of an increase in the spouse’s abdomen, a man may feel the divergence of the pelvic bones. If the spouse is afraid of childbirth, the “pregnant spouse” will also worry and worry, and possibly hysteria. This will be especially acute when childbirth is approaching

Rarely, Kuvad syndrome lasts the entire pregnancy, until the very birth. In this case, the man experiences the same thing as the wife: contractions, urinary incontinence, imitation of childbirth, crying, etc.

Pregnant dad, or couvad syndrome

Where does Kuvad syndrome come from?

In some cultures, it was customary for men to experience their wife’s anguish during childbirth. To experience all the hardships and hardships of his wife at the time of childbirth, the man lay down, refused food and drink, writhed in pain, depicting childbirth. It was believed that this would help a woman to endure childbirth easier, because the man, as it were, takes some of the pain on himself.

Modern psychologists believe that couvad syndrome is a kind of experience of a man’s fear for the fate of his woman and unborn child, as well as an awareness of guilt for the pain and suffering that a woman experiences during childbirth.

What to do?

The answer to this question is simple – the patient needs to be treated. This issue is dealt with by psychologists. The specialist will find out the hidden cause of the syndrome and help the man cope with it. No medicine will save you from false pregnancy, except for sedatives.

To control “false pregnancy”, a man needs to do the following:

  • Sign up for future parenting courses;
  • Talk about your problems to family and friends as often as possible. If there are none, make an appointment with a psychologist;
  • More often to be with your pregnant wife and discuss issues of interest and concern;
  • Read specialized literature.

Couvad syndrome is quite an interesting and unusual phenomenon. The main thing – during a false pregnancy, a man should try to remain calm and not to get a pregnant wife, because one inadequate and pregnant woman is enough for one family.

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