Primary school programs 2013 – which program to choose for a first grader

Primary school curriculumDuring the Soviet era, schools offered the only educational program that was established for everyone from above. Since the nineties, the idea of ​​a variety of educational programs has arisen in the education system. Today, schools choose the most popular forms and programs of education, and parents, in turn, choose schools that are suitable for their children. What educational programs are offered today to first-graders and their parents?

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Primary school program School of Russia – classical general education program

A classic program known to all students from the Land of the Soviets. There are no exceptions – it is designed for everyone. A little modernized with non-standard tasks and tasks that develop logical thinking, it is easily assimilated by children and does not present any special problems. The goal is to educate the spiritual and moral principle in young citizens of Russia.

Features of the program School of Russia

  • Development of such qualities as responsibility, tolerance, empathy, kindness, mutual assistance.
  • Instilling skills related to work, health, life safety.
  • Creation of problematic situations to search for evidence, to make assumptions and formulate their conclusions, for the subsequent comparison of the results obtained with the standard.

It is not necessary for a child to be a child prodigy – the program is available to everyone. However, the willingness to work in any situation and the ability to self-esteem come in handy.
Primary school curriculum

Zankov primary school program develops the student’s personality

The goal of the program is to stimulate the development of the child at a certain stage of learning, to reveal individuality.

Features of the Zankov system program

  • A large amount of theoretical knowledge that is given to the student.
  • Fast feed rate.
  • Equal importance of all items (there are no primary and less significant items).
  • Building lessons through dialogue, search tasks, creative.
  • Lots of logic problems in the math course.
  • Teaching the classification of subjects, highlighting the main and the secondary.
  • Availability of electives in computer science, foreign languages, economics.

For such a program, an excellent preparedness of the student is required. At a minimum, the child had to attend kindergarten.

Primary school program 2013 Elkonin-Davydov – for and against

Quite difficult, but an interesting program for children. The goal is the formation of theoretical thinking. Learning to change oneself, formulate hypotheses, search for evidence and reasoning. As a consequence, the development of memory.

Features of the Elkonin – Davydov program

  • Studying numbers in different number systems in a math course.
  • Changes in words in Russian: instead of a verb – words-actions, instead of a noun – words-objects, etc.
  • Learning to consider your actions and thoughts from the outside.
  • Independent search for knowledge, not memorizing school axioms.
  • Considering the child’s personal judgment as a test of thought, not an error.
  • Slow pace of work.

Needed: attentiveness to the little things, thoroughness, the ability to generalize.
Primary school curriculum

The 2100 Primary School Program develops the intellectual abilities of students

This program is, first of all, the development of intelligence and ensuring the effective integration of the student into society.

Features of the School 2100 program

  • Most of the tasks are in print format. It is required, for example, to finish drawing something, to enter the desired icon into the box, etc.
  • Lots of logic problems.
  • Training has several levels – for weak and strong students, taking into account the individual development of each. There is no developmental comparison of children.
  • Formation of readiness for work and continuous education, artistic perception, personality traits for successful adaptation in society.
  • Teaching the development of a general humanitarian and natural scientific worldview.

The program assumes the elimination of stress factors in the learning process, the creation of a comfortable environment for stimulating creative activity, the interconnection of all subjects with each other.

Comfortable adaptation of first graders with the Primary School of the XXI century program

The program is a gentle learning option with a very long adaptation period for first graders. It is considered the least painful for children. According to the authors, the adaptation of the child occurs only by the end of the first grade, therefore, for the most part, in this period there will be drawing and coloring, a minimum of reading and mathematics.

Features of the Primary School of the XXI century program

  • The main emphasis is on the development of thinking and imagination, in contrast to the classical school curriculum (memory and perception).
  • Individual subjects combine with each other (for example, Russian with literature).
  • A lot of activities for the collective and team solution of certain problems.
  • A large number of tasks, the purpose of which is to relieve stress in children.

Harmony program for primary school – for the diversified development of the child

A program similar to the Zankov system, but simplified.

Features of the Harmony program

  • Emphasis on versatile personality development, including logic, intelligence, creative and emotional development.
  • Building student / teacher trust.
  • Teaching reasoning, building cause-and-effect relationships.
  • A more complex program in a math course.

There is an opinion that such a program is not suitable for a child who has difficulty with logic.
Primary school curriculum

Prospective Primary School Program – Is It Right for Your Child?

The goal is the development of logic and intelligence.

Features of the Advanced Primary School program

  • No need for cramming theorems / axioms of modern textbooks.
  • Additional extracurricular activities.
  • In addition to the main subjects – ten more hours of sports, music, painting.

Superpowers of the child are not required for this program – it will suit anyone.

The Planet of Knowledge program is aimed at developing the creative abilities of children

The main emphasis is on creative development, humanities, independence.

Features of the Planet of Knowledge program

  • Writing fairy tales by children and independent creation of illustrations for them.
  • Creation of more serious projects – for example, presentations on certain topics.
  • Division of tasks into a compulsory minimum and an educational part for those who wish.

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