Princess Diana’s hairdresser tells the story of her haircut

We all still remember very well the short haircut of Princess Diana in the 90s. Her blonde, slightly messy hair became a role model for many fashionistas of that decade. Surprisingly, the legendary hairstyle was born almost by accident, and its story was told by Sam McKnight, Princess Diana’s personal hairdresser in the last years of her life.

princess Diana

A hairstyle born spontaneously

McKnight met the princess at a photo shoot for British Vogue in 1990. He knew he was going to be working with some VIP’s hair, but he had no idea that it would be Diana.

“A beautiful long-legged blonde climbed the stairs in a studio in Hackney (London area), and we immediately felt a complete ease in communicating with her, – said McKnight, – She knew how to defuse the situation, joke and laugh.”

For those shoots, McKnight tucked the princess’s hair under a tiara to make it appear shorter. Diana liked this option, and she asked the hairdresser what he could do with her hair if he had complete freedom of action.

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“I would just cut them short,” McKnight replied.

“Could you do it right now?” – Diana asked.

He did. The rest is history. McKnight created a textured Pixie haircut on her blonde locks, and this hairstyle was destined to become one of the most iconic of the 90s.

As soon as the princess came out with a new haircut, everyone was delighted.

“It’s amazing – recalled McKnight, – All the media then forgot about other news and covered only the new style of the princess. I think people were attracted by the modernity of the hairstyle. At that time, short haircuts were in vogue. The huge shoulder pads and the fruity style were no longer relevant. ”

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Seven Years Cooperation

This hairstyle, done very spontaneously in 1990, marked the beginning of a close working relationship between McKnight and the Princess of Wales. He was her hairdresser until Diana’s death and always styled her hair before balls, charity events and public appearances. He also regularly cut haircuts for her sons, Princes William and Harry.

However, the job of personal hairdresser for Princess Diana is not an easy job. McKnight accompanied her periodically on humanitarian missions, which included visits to refugee camps and hospitals in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and other countries.

Some of the trips were “quite painful”, according to McKnight’s recollections, but he invariably admired Diana’s calmness and goodwill, even in the most difficult situations:

“She had an amazing talent for talking to everyone on equal terms and making people feel comfortable. It was so unusual. “

princess diana 4
Princess Diana posed during humanitarian work at a hospital in Luanda, Angola

At first, McKnight was not particularly happy that the princess took him with her on such trips. And then he realized that for Diana, grooming her hair was an important part of maintaining her carefully crafted public image as a member of the royal family:

“I really realized how serious she was about her role. She knew her strength and her influence. “

princess diana 5
The Princess of Wales, with her signature hairstyle and purple suit, while visiting the Asian Women’s Community Center in Edgeware, London, November 1991

Nevertheless, it was during this period that her family life was falling apart before our eyes. McKnight witnessed Diana’s separation from Prince Charles in 1992 and their divorce four years later. But if the princess told McKnight about any of her personal problems, it would forever remain between them.

“It would be a betrayal of a good friend,” McKnight said firmly. “There must be a very trusting relationship between a woman and her hairdresser.”

princess diana 6
The Princess of Wales donned a pink Versace suit and her signature hairstyle during an official visit to Argentina on November 24, 1995.

McKnight was shocked by the death of Diana in 1997, because two years before that tragic accident, the hairdresser believed that the princess was becoming an increasingly bright person, and the bold and fashionable haircut only emphasized her growing self-confidence:

“She developed her own style without all the tricks inherent in the 80s. Diana turned into an amazing and irresistible modern woman before our eyes. “

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