Proper bathing of a child up to one year old – every mother should know this

Bathing a child up to a yearQuestions about bathing the baby in front of the parents arise immediately after the hospital. The skin of the crumbs is more delicate and, accordingly, more susceptible to the appearance of diaper rash, various injuries and the penetration of microbes through the wounds. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance – what temperature the water should be, how often the baby should be bathed, and how to choose a bath so that bathing will bring only positive emotions to the child. The first bathing of a newborn child has its own important characteristics – young parents should be aware of this. You can easily perform subsequent bathing of the baby, having learned the secrets of this parental science.

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Is it possible to bathe a baby of the first year of life every day?

Bathing a child up to a yearBy itself, water is not capable of irritating baby’s skin. And the frequency of bathing crumbs up to a year depends, first of all, on the means and devices that are used by the parents. And also, naturally, from the well-being of the baby. Perfectly, a baby up to six months can be bathed every day… After – every other day.

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What you need to remember about bathing a child under one year old?

  • Potassium permanganate, which mothers often add to disinfect water, dries baby delicate skin… And its illiterate breeding can cause skin burns. Therefore, you should be more careful with it, and it is not recommended for daily use.
  • To soften water, you can use decoctions of herbs (string, chamomile, etc.).
  • After bathing, you should be sure to dry the baby’s skin and lubricate with special oil – the skin of the baby is very tender up to three months.
  • Daily bathing also depends on the health of the baby. If you are allergic or injured on the skin, it is better to consult a doctor… But at elevated temperatures, it is absolutely impossible to swim.
  • Experts recommend bathing a baby with a cold with the addition of plant fees to the water… But, again – in the absence of temperature.

Bathtub for bathing a child – which one to choose?

Baby bathIn the first year of life, a bath is a must. It is quite difficult to keep a shared bath perfectly clean. In addition, herbal infusions spoil the color of the bathroom enamel, and it is much easier to disinfect a baby bath. Another point in favor of the bath is that it is easier to fill. What types of baths are there?

  • Anatomical
    Ideal for a newborn. Has an anatomical slide, grooves for priests and armpits, an emphasis between the legs.
  • Classic
    In such a bath there is more space than in the previous one – the baby has a place to turn around. Minus – you need to buy a slide or hold the baby in your hand.
  • Tray with stand.
    The main selection criterion is stability and maximum safety.
  • A bathtub for a shower cabin (or “mother’s tummy”).
    Traditionally – round shape. The bath is convenient for a summer residence or a tiny apartment, but you can only swim in it while sitting.
  • A bathtub built into the changing table.
    This design can be combined with a swimwear stand and a changing mattress. The water is drained using a hose, some models are equipped with castors.
  • Chest of drawers combined with a bath.
    The principle of operation is the same as in the previous version.
  • Inflatable.
    Convenient on trips, at the dacha, on the beach – cheated, bathed, blown away, removed.
  • Antibacterial.

What to look for when choosing a bath?

  • How to choose a bathtub for bathing a childDimensions.
    The longer the time period, the larger the size. As a rule, after the baby begins to sit on his own, the bathing procedures are transferred to a large bath.
  • Safety.
    First, the material – it must be non-toxic. Secondly, stability if it is a model with a stand. Thirdly, the presence of an anti-slip mat / insert on the bottom.
  • Hygiene.
    The bath should wash well.
  • The presence of a drain and a hose.

The best time for bathing a child, the duration of bathing a child up to a year

The best time for bathing a child up to a yearAs practice shows, the ideal time for bathing a baby is around 8-9 pm, just before feeding… If the child does not sleep well at night, is very restless, then you can use special foams or soothing herbs when bathing. True, there is one caveat: if the baby after bathing, on the contrary, is excited and does not want to go to bed, then it is better to postpone this procedure to the afternoon. Concerning the duration of the procedure – it is different for each age:

  • About 4-5 minutes – after birth and up to 3 months.
  • About 12-15 minutes – from 3 to 6 months.
  • About 30 minutes – from 6 to 12 months.
  • From year – up to 40 minutes.

Of course, it all depends on the condition of the baby. Keeping it in the water even for 15 minutes does not make sense if the child is crying, categorically does not want to swim or is sick.

Convenient accessories for bathing a child up to one year old – a circle, a hammock, a slide, a seat, a visor

Accessories for bathing a child up to one year oldIn order to facilitate the bathing process for the mother and make it more comfortable for the baby, you can use modern bathing devices kids up to a year.

  • Slide
    Helps to insure the baby when bathing.
  • Bath hammock.
    Created from fine mesh. It is pulled over the bottom of the tub with hooks.
  • Circle around the neck.
    Promotes the development of the baby’s muscular system, stimulates the swimming reflex.
  • Seat.
    It is attached to the bottom with suction cups, has safety stops, reliably keeps it from falling and slipping.
  • Anti-slip mats.
    An irreplaceable thing when bathing a child. There are even models with temperature indicators – a color change indicates that the water is cooling down.
  • Protective visor.
    Convenient for shampooing. With such a visor, water will not get into the ears, nose and eyes.

Bathing your baby in a big bath – your baby’s first swimming lessons

Bathing a child in a large tubThe main advantage of bathing crumbs in a large bathroom is freedom of movement, the ability to move your head, legs and arms, without restrictions. Also the advantages of bathing in such a bath are:

  • Longer cooling of water.
  • Spreading the baby’s lungs and cleansing them, increasing the strength of the respiratory muscles.
  • Improved appetite and sleep quality.
  • Exercise the heart and muscles.

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Bathing a child in a large tubAt birth, the baby retains the skills of swimming in the intrauterine fluid, and if he has a large bath at his disposal, then he will not have to learn to swim again at 5-6 years old. Swimming helps both physical and intellectual development, restoration of muscle tone and reduction of colic. But, before engaging in such exercises with the baby, you should consult with a specialist for contraindications, and, regardless of exercise, the first procedures should be carried out only in the presence of an instructor

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