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Where to study to be a notary?Translated from Latin, the word “notary” known to everyone today will sound like “secretary”. A modern notary is a specialist in legal matters who performs the actions prescribed for him, in turn, by law. This specialist can be a government employee or have a private practice.

The profession is considered very prestigious and well paid.

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The essence of the work of a notary and his duties

Imagine that each of us suddenly begins to interpret the legality and literacy of drafting various important documents in our own way. Of course, there will be complete chaos, and endless lawsuits on the topic of the authenticity of documents will drag on.

But the seal of a notary, a legally competent specialist (whose professionalism is confirmed by a license) on a document is a guarantee of the authenticity of the document and the absence of errors. The reputation of such a specialist must be crystal clear.

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What is a notary doing, and what are his duties?

  • Certifies the documents and certifies the identity of the clients applying.
  • Executes property rights to real estate, etc.
  • Draws up wills.
  • Certifies various transactions (loans and powers of attorney, rent and exchange, purchase and sale, etc.).
  • Attests to the authenticity of documents and signatures on them.
  • Certifies the literacy and fidelity of translations of documents from in / language (sometimes he is engaged in the translation itself if he has an appropriate diploma).
  • Keeps copies of certified documents.

Each notary has its own individual official seal, and he is guided exclusively by the laws of the country.

Pros and cons of working as a notary

Pros and cons of the profession of a notary

It is fashionable to highlight the advantages of this profession:

  • Kudos to the job.
  • Live communication with people.
  • Good stable income.
  • The demand for the profession in large cities.
  • Stable demand for services (today people cannot do without a notary).
  • Fixed cost of services.
  • Useful connections.
  • Reimbursement of expenses when traveling to clients.


  • High responsibility (note – a mistake for a notary is unacceptable!).
  • A limited number of notary offices (note – getting a job is not so easy).
  • The risk of pressure from criminals to forge documents or the risk of fraudsters being drawn into schemes.
  • Strict control over activities from the notary chamber.
  • Criminal liability for private notaries (note – Article 202 of the Criminal Code) for abuse of power.

Notary salary and career features

  • Usually, the first step of a career this specialist is the vacancy of a notary assistant.
  • Second step – the notary directly already with his assistants.
  • The main dream (if I may say so) every successful notary has its own office.

Of course, a competent professional specialist with work experience will always be in demand in the legal / services market, but you should remember that you should expect help from the state when private practice not necessary. In turn, public notary can count on paying rent for premises, salaries for employees, etc.

What salary to expect?

There are no high salaries in government offices: the highest salary in the capital is about 60,000 p.

The earnings of a private notary can be very solid – when working in a metropolis and with a solid stream of clients.

However, business and other professional activities are prohibited by law for a notary. Therefore, when there is a desire to do something else, you have to give up your license (as well as your career).

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Training and internship – where do they teach as a notary?

The lion’s share of notaries’ offices are private organizations. According to statistics, there are 5 times more of them than state ones. This must be remembered when choosing this profession.

If you are serious about becoming a notary, then first you should complete an appropriate university, undergo an internship (at least 1 year with a practicing specialist) and, which is very important, pass a qualifying exam and get a license.

Where to go?

There are enough universities in every city that train specialists in the legal field.

For instance…

  • Law Academy in St. Petersburg.
  • State Classical Academy of Maimonides (in the capital).
  • Lomonosov State University (in the capital).
  • Academic Law Institute.
  • State University of Management.
  • Etc.


After training, an internship awaits you.

It is important that it takes place with a specialist who has the appropriate license. The notary will be public or private – it doesn’t matter.

Internship period – 6-12 months… After the internship, you should write a testimonial and give a conclusion about the training.

The right to operate

Far from everyone will be able to take the place of the official assistant. First of all, testing, the place of delivery of which is determined by the Notary Chamber of the city and the Ministry of Justice.

You should notify authorized persons of your intention to take the exam. 2 months before him

  1. You must pass the exam exclusively “excellently”, otherwise you will wait for this opportunity for another year.
  2. The commission usually consists of 5 people, and its composition is approved by the Ministry of Justice 1 month before the exam itself. And do not expect your leader on the commission – he will not be there.
  3. Exam tickets usually have 3 questions: it is a notarial deed, theory and task. After evaluating the answers by the commission, the “arithmetic mean” is displayed.

Have passed? May I congratulate you?

Fine! But that’s not all.

Now – the license!

  • We pay the state fee within 5 days after passing the exam to the justice authorities.
  • We submit there the permit for the license that was given to you after the exam and a receipt confirming the payment of the fee.
  • Now the oath!
  • Further data processing within 1 month and … the long-awaited issuance of a license.

Post-license practice must be continuous and uninterrupted. If 3 years have passed since you received it, and you still have not started work, you will have to take the exam again!

Notary work - salary and career

Requirements for candidates for the work of a notary – who can become one?

An ordinary person “from the street” will never become a notary. This requires a higher professional education of a lawyer and a license.

As well as…

  1. The most extensive knowledge in the legal / field.
  2. Knowledge of the basics of legal / office work.
  3. Russian citizenship.
  4. Lack of other types of professional activity, except for notaries.

Personal qualities of the future notary:

  • Psychological stability.
  • Attentiveness and punctuality.
  • Integrity.
  • Perseverance and patience.
  • The ability to control oneself, to calm down dissatisfied customers.
  • The ability to win over people.

Where and how to get a job as a notary – all about finding vacancies

Unfortunately, the number of practicing notaries today is strictly limited. And the appearance of free places is a rarity.

Usually seats are vacated for the reason …

  • The onset of retirement age.
  • Voluntary resignation.
  • Loss of license.
  • An increase in the population in the city (usually there is 1 notary for 15,000 people in the megalopolis, but in the regions – 1 for 25,000-30,000 people).
  • Poor health.
  • Declaration of incapacity through the court.

Of course, waiting for one of the notaries to retire or lose their license is a lottery with almost zero chances.

But if the desire is still there, then feel free to serve application to the territorial body of justice and go through registration. Usually, after vacating the position, a competition is held in which you will participate if you submit your application on time. The one who scored the most points wins and gets the position.

But we must remember that even in the capital of our country more than 3 notaries are not appointed per year.

But, if you are still lucky, you are unlikely to leave the profession.

Go for it and believe in yourself! Fortune smiles on the brave and stubborn!

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