Psychodiagnostic picture test – What do you see?

Passing psychodiagnostic tests helps people understand themselves, better understand their experiences, feelings and needs.

Are you ready to communicate with your Self? Then take a look on the illustration and tell me which object you saw on it first: a male face or a rodent?

Psychodiagnostic test - What do you see: a rodent or a man's head?
Bologny illustration by Lara Lauren

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Psychodiagnostic test - What do you see: a rodent or a man's head?

Did you see the head of a man

Your priority is yourself, in any situation. You are one of those people who clearly understand what they want from life. Doubting desires, making decisions for a long time, hesitating over trifles – this is not about you. You perfectly manage your emotions, you know when to insist on your own, and when to keep silent.

They want to follow such people.

But, your perfect composure has a downside. Some people in your immediate environment may consider you an indifferent and stingy person. You are not one of those who will feel guilty and make excuses, so you often have conflicts with people. But those who know you well understand that it is pointless to take offense at you.

It is not easy to deceive you, because intuitively you always understand when a threat is coming from someone.

You saw a rodent

The image of a rat or any other large rodent in this picture will be seen by psychologically vulnerable people. You are most likely experiencing strong emotional problems at the moment. Perhaps you are worried about problems at work or fights with loved ones. Something or someone is preventing you from enjoying life.

You are a vulnerable, effeminate person. You know how to give the people around you care. You are a great listener and friends appreciate you for that. It is easy to offend you. Emotions are difficult to control. You may cry easily, but bounce back quickly. Yes, your mood changes quickly.

You often worry about trifles, which makes you sick, both physically and mentally. You need to learn to abstract yourself from problems that you cannot solve.

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