Psychological test about character traits

Psychologists say that any person can be “read” by their body language. Don’t believe me? Then take our little test and see for yourself.

Instructions for passing the test:

  1. Get into a comfortable position.
  2. Relax.
  3. Throw away all unnecessary thoughts and put your hands “in the castle.”
  4. Do not change the position of your hands! Keep them together.
  5. Take a look at the picture below and compare the images on it with your “castle”. Then choose the option that suits you and see the result.
test put your hands in the lock
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Option number 1

If the thumb of the left hand covers the right one, you are a bright and very emotional person. You take everything too personally.

Your excessive emotionality is a gift and, at the same time, a curse. You are able to feel the maximum number of different emotions, and for any reason. You can comprehend all the charm of the world, and after a while you can be disappointed in it, having experienced real suffering.

You are subject to sudden mood swings. Now you feel joy and a surge of inspiration, and in a couple of minutes – deep sadness and apathy.

The people around you deeply value you for your ability to listen and empathize. You are an altruist by nature. You run the problems of others deeply through yourself. You are good at understanding people. You read many as if they were open books. Responsible and punctual, but not yet lacking in intelligence! You have excellent analytical skills, very insightful. The people around you consider you an interesting person who knows how to support any conversation.

Despite the emotional orientation of the personality, you are able to competently and systematically analyze the situation. Weigh the pros and cons carefully. You solve problems effectively by taking a broad view of things.

In relationships with other people, you always observe subordination, but you prefer to be open. Do not tolerate lies or deceit. Don’t try to hide your true feelings. Easily agree to share what is in your heart with others.

Option number 2

Are your two thumbs on top of the rest? Well, you are a very practical person. Always plan ahead. Knows how to make correct, balanced decisions. You always think well about your actions before taking them, so you often achieve positive results, especially at work.

You hate liars! And they know very well that you are difficult to be fooled. You see through others and perfectly understand what to expect from each. In addition to good analytical skills and observation, you also have good intuition. She saved you from failure more than once, right?

You are a great strategist. You know how to break down a task into sub-points and follow each of them sequentially. If you fail, don’t give up. You think that getting upset over trifles and deviating from the plan is foolish. Never despair yourself and do not allow others to be sad. The people around you consider you the soul of the company. However, this is not to say that it is easy for you to find contact with anyone. With some people other than you, you prefer to keep your distance.

Never show violent emotions while in society. With other people, keep yourself rather restrained, and with unfamiliar or unpleasant to you, it is cold. Avoid rude people, hypocrites and potential liars.

Option number 3

Was your right thumb on top of everyone else? So you strive for perfection! Any business that you undertake, bring it to a victorious end. You are a dedicated perfectionist, especially when it comes to your work.

You have the following character traits:

  • a responsibility;
  • meticulousness;
  • honesty;
  • responsiveness;
  • resourcefulness;
  • foresight;
  • punctuality.

How many virtues, isn’t there? And there is. The people around you appreciate you. For some you are a wonderful friend, for others you are a talented and reasonable boss, but for others you are an exemplary family man.

As a businessman, you are an example to follow. Always approach your work diligently and consistently. Strive to do everything in your best possible way. At the same time, you never forget about friends and family affairs. You have time to complete several tasks at the same time. Keep it up!

Be open and friendly with the people around you, but if someone weaves intrigues behind your back, openly express your disrespect to the sly one. You believe that you need to be honest not only with other people, but also with yourself.

You have the gift of persuasion. You can convince anyone to buy snow from you in winter! Friends and family are drawn to you because they feel and understand that the advice you give them is very valuable and reasonable.

Faithfulness is your characteristic. If you have found like-minded people, you will not be scattered about expanding social connections. Be guided by the principle “An old friend is better than two new ones.”

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