Psychological test – berry and vegetable decoding of personality

All people are unique. However, they can be combined depending on similar personality traits. Bologny’s editors have prepared for you a very interesting, and most importantly “juicy” psychological test. Do you want to know the berry and vegetable decoding of your personality? Then proceed to the test.

berry test
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What do we have to do? To start, relax and focus on the test. Then listen to your inner voice and choose a couple from the offered vegetables and fruits (1 vegetable and 1 fruit). At the end, see the result.

  1. Choose your vegetable: CUCUMBER or TOMATO.
  2. Choose your berry: Melon or watermelon.
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Test results


Cucumber + melon

TEST-time!  Berry and Vegetable Decoding of Your Identity
Bologny illustration

This choice is usually made by men. If you are a woman, it means that masculine traits dominate in your character. You are an ambitious and disruptive person. Never lose courage. You know how to solve problems, stress does not scare you. You are difficult to manipulate, since you have a well-developed self-awareness.

Do you love to travel. Open to everything new. You rarely drink, only in the company of loved ones. Not prone to any harmful addictions. You are the master of your destiny. Responsible and purposeful person. Know how to set goals and move towards achieving them.

Cucumber + watermelon

TEST-time!  Berry and Vegetable Decoding of Your Identity
Bologny illustration

You are a very emotional person with frequent mood swings. Now you may feel a surge of strength and joy, and after a couple of minutes – apathy and confusion. Many people consider you to be a reserved person, but passions are raging inside you. You are not used to expressing your dissatisfaction and concern to people.

Life with you is like a volcano. You never know for sure what to expect from you. But is that bad? Your unpredictability and originality attract you. You are one of that rare number of people who cannot be forgotten.

You have a significant drawback – the inability to express grievances. You accumulate negativity in yourself, which is fraught with tantrums and a nervous breakdown.

Tomato + melon

TEST-time!  Berry and Vegetable Decoding of Your Identity
Bologny illustration

You are a calm and level-headed person who is not at all prone to impulsive behavior. You know how to be tactful, consistent in making decisions, careful and restrained. Do not ask for trouble.

You have great taste. No wonder you are not indifferent to art. Enjoy spending the weekend enjoying a good book or music. Rarely spend your leisure time with noisy friends. You are comfortable with yourself. You are an impressionable and vulnerable nature. This kind of fruit and vegetable set is more typical for women. If you are a man, then there are many feminine traits in your character, such as vulnerability, sensitivity, tenderness, etc.

Tomato + watermelon

TEST-time!  Berry and Vegetable Decoding of Your Identity
Bologny illustration

Take an active position in life. A fun and energetic adventurer who finds it difficult to be idle. Your valuable skill is stress management. You know how to get out of the water. Make the right decision in any situation. And all thanks to the excellent joint work of your intuition and reason.

You are a rather quick-tempered person to whom it is not easy to find a key. Surround yourself with like-minded people. But you avoid those people who openly express distrust of you.

You highly value people close to you in spirit. Love your family members sincerely. You feel comfortable at home. Tomato and watermelon personalities are wonderful family men, regardless of gender.

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