Psychological Test – Check Your Mental Health

Every action, word and thought process of a person is inextricably linked with his psyche. She has several conditions, for example, neurosis.

The Austrian psychologist, founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, described neurosis as a psychological conflict between the norms of society and the mental state of a person. In neurotic people, the following symptoms are observed: increased anxiety, irritability, inattention, suspicion, etc.

What about your mental health? Today we offer you a unique opportunity to accurately answer this question. To do this, take our test.

What do we have to do? You are asked to honestly answer 5 test questions. Write down 5 letters that correspond to your answers, and at the end of the test, read the result.

Sigmund Freud

Test questions

# 1: You are walking down the street. Behind a crowd of laughing guys. Describe your feelings:

  • A) Cool! Someone has a great time with friends. I also need to meet with my friends in the near future.
  • C) I am sure they are making fun of me … We must try to walk more evenly and start wearing normal clothes.
  • C) I wonder what they are talking about? You need to listen and try to demonstrate your interest. What if someone wants to meet me?

No. 2: Your old acquaintance / acquaintance offers a meeting at an expensive restaurant. But you have no money at all. How do you proceed?

  • A) Of course, you will not refuse, but offer to meet in a more budgetary place. Honestly admit that you are now practically broke.
  • C) Agree to meet exactly, hiding information about your constrained financial situation. In the end, you can borrow money from someone.
  • C) Give up a pleasant time in an expensive restaurant? No way! The main thing is to start getting ready home in time so as not to pay the bill yourself (hee hee).

No. 3: You are forced to go on business. There is no one in your house now. What will you think about during the day?

  • A) Of course, about their own affairs. What else is it about?
  • C) We need to return home as soon as possible, anything can happen in my absence!
  • C) There are so many beautiful things around! In the end, if things don’t go well, I will definitely find something to do outside the house.

# 4: On the street, you decide to drink coffee and accidentally spill it on your clothes. Ahead is a trip home by public transport. What do you do?

  • A) I’ll go home safely! What other options can there be?
  • C) A terrible situation … you need to cover up the coffee stains with something, otherwise everyone around me will consider me a slob.
  • C) Is coffee spilled on your clothes? Well, great! Will have something to wear for Halloween next year. And, besides, what is not a reason to change your wardrobe?

# 5: The object of your affection invites you out on a date. How do you react?

  • A) Of course I agree. If my sympathy is mutual, we can be a great couple.
  • C) I will not agree to a meeting, because I do not have enough self-confidence. I will be embarrassed.
  • C) Super! Where are my new jeans? I’m going on a date!

Test results

Now count which answers you have more, “A”, “B” or “C”.

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Option A

Sigmund Freud test!  Check your mental health
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You have great self-esteem. You are a self-sufficient and successful person, developed in all respects. Keep it up! People around you understand that it is worth looking up to you. You know how to lead people with you, you have good oratorical skills.

Know how to solve complex problems. Always weigh everything carefully before making a final decision. You are almost impossible to manipulate. You are a good psychologist who understands the nature of people.

Option B

Sigmund Freud test!  Check your mental health
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You are currently suffering from depression or neurosis.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with our material: 7 warning signs that you are on the road to a nervous breakdown

You often feel bad mood, periodically you feel unhappy and depressed. Disturbing thoughts come to you all the time. You don’t feel like a happy person. If this description suits you, consider the need to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. He will help you rediscover the joy of life.

Option C

Sigmund Freud test!  Check your mental health
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You definitely have no problems with self-esteem. You feel like a complete and important part of the Universe. You know that you are smart and talented. You know how to correctly prioritize and defend your interests. Do not give yourself offense to anyone.

Your feature is the ability to think outside the box. Solving problems, you break social stereotypes and patterns, and sometimes even cross the line in matters of morality. But who said it was bad? You are just a special person.

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