Psychological test – choose a woman and find out about yourself

Each of these four women is associated with a specific personality type. Pick one silhouette of a cute feminine head with a fluffy hairstyle from the four seasons and discover how your choices can describe you. Do you have a desire to know who you really are?

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Quiz: pick a woman with a hairstyle from the seasons and find out who you really are

1. Spring woman

You are a gentle, anxious, honest and empathetic person. You don’t like pretending, and you want to be in the circle of those people with whom you enjoy the most pleasant and positive communication. You need a society to which you entirely belong, and not trying to fit into it. You are cheerful and absolutely artless.

You like the little joys of life: a walk in the fresh air, morning aromatic coffee or a cozy family dinner. You have a powerfully developed empathy, you know how to sincerely love, empathize and always take care of everyone disinterestedly.

2. Summer woman

You are definitely warm, sociable and open to those around you. People like you are called the soul of the company, you evoke an irresistible sympathy with your sincerity, enthusiasm and friendliness, because people are constantly drawn to you, wanting to make friends with you.

You quickly get carried away with something new, strive to develop and learn, and you have enough energy to constantly come up with new adventures and adventures for yourself. You can’t stand the routine and at times you can become a little impulsive and harsh in communication.

3. Winter woman

You are a somewhat detached and cold person who from time to time withdraws into himself and becomes isolated, fencing off from the outside world. This does not mean that you ignore people and do not like communication, you just want to devote as much time as possible to yourself and your work.

You are a pragmatic perfectionist with an analytical mindset. Before any of your actions, you think for a long time and think over all the options for the consequences and results, and you need everything to always work out perfectly. You are also very productive, intelligent and inquisitive.

4. Autumn woman

You are a very receptive person who is completely in control of your feelings and emotions. You are a creative and artistic person, therefore you need this sea of ​​emotions in order to get the necessary charge and motivation for your own creativity. You idealize personal relationships, because on the love front, fiasco and disappointments often await you, but you still enjoy every moment of life, regardless of the ending of your novels.

You know that what you have today may be lost tomorrow, because you do not perceive life events with drama, but rather contemplatively and philosophically.

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