Psychological test desert – talk to the unconscious

Psychological associative tests help to bring all fears, phobias and complexes that a person has to the surface of consciousness. The results of such tests help to get to know oneself better, and, if necessary, work out the negative moments that interfere with life.

Today we invite you to mentally go on a journey through the desert. All you need to do is immerse yourself in the situations we suggest. We promise it will be very interesting!

Important! Relaxation is recommended for this test. Focus on the suggested situations.

Test desert

Situation number 1

Before entering the desert, you find yourself on the edge of the forest. The tall trees are still far away. What forest is in front of you? Is it wide?

Situation number 2

Enter the depths of the forest. What is he? Please describe all the details provided. Are you comfortable there?

Situation number 3

Suddenly, a monster appeared in front of you. What is he? Are you scared? What are you going to do?

Situation number 4

You go further and find yourself in the desert. You are thirsty and thirsty because the long journey has tired you. Suddenly, in the sand, you find a key. What is he? What will you do with it?

Situation number 5

Thirst overpowers you. Suddenly, a lake of fresh water appears in front of your eyes. But you are not sure if it is real (possibly a mirage). What will you do?

Situation number 6

You move on, walking slowly across the sand. Suddenly step on the vessel. What is he? Is it made of durable material? Will you take a look inside?

Situation number 7

Your wilderness journey seems endless. But, soon a wall appears in front of you, which seems to have no limit. She is tall and long. There is no further way. How do you proceed?

Situation number 8

The wall is behind you. You find yourself in an oasis. This is a real heaven on earth! Now you have everything that you have longed for. But in front of you you see a caravan that leaves the oasis and goes further through the desert. How do you proceed? Will you go with them or would you rather stay in the oasis?


Test results

1 and 2 situations

The size of the forest inside and out symbolizes your self-perception, that is, how you perceive yourself. The larger the forest, the higher your self-esteem. If the dimensions of the forest outside and inside are the same, then you feel harmonious, if not, you are in disharmony, perhaps you are making some important decision.

If you are comfortable in the forest, then you think that the people around you appreciate you. And vice versa.

3 situation

The image of a monster in the forest symbolizes your subconscious attitude towards enemies. The emotions that you experienced when you were face to face with him show how you really treat those who do not sympathize with you. Your actions in this situation also symbolize how you would behave if you were in a conflict situation with your enemy.

4 situation

The image of the key in the association test shows a person’s true attitude towards friendship. If you took the key with you, then you are a kind and loyal friend who will always come to the rescue. If not, you live according to the principle “the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves”.

5 situation

A lake in the desert is an image that symbolizes your subconscious attitude towards intimacy. If you were sure that it was not real, that is, a mirage, you do not trust your partners.

Drinking water from a clean lake means idealizing partners and willingly agreeing to intimacy with them. But drinking dirty and tasteless water means alienating from sex in real life, in all its manifestations.

By the way, if you not only drank water from the lake, but also chose to swim in it, then you are absolutely happy with your partner and have a good attitude towards intimacy.

6 situation

The vessel found in the sand symbolizes the strength of your relationship with your partner. If he is strong and practical, congratulations, you have a well and correctly built relationship, and if he is cracked and brittle, vice versa.

The desire to look inside the vessel indicates your relaxed relationship. If you chose not to look in, it is likely that your partner is upsetting you, and you do not want to know the whole truth about him, so as not to be even more upset.

7 situation

The wall in the desert symbolizes your attitude towards difficulties in real life. If you are at a loss and cry, you are afraid of difficulties and do not know how to cope with them. If you prefer to actively look for a way out, you take the position of a fighter in life.

8 situation

The caravan in the oasis is a symbol of your willingness to succumb to temptation. If you, having everything you wanted, chose to go for the caravan, then you can easily be tempted by something, and vice versa.

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