Psychological test – determine your resistance to stress

The 21st century continues to pose new challenges to humanity. It’s hard to stay calm these days. Stress accompanies us everywhere: at work, in the store, when communicating with people and even at home. But there are those who can resist it with ease while maintaining their composure. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this.

We suggest that you take a psychological test to find out how resistant you are to stress.

Test instructions:

  1. Throw away “unnecessary” thoughts, take a comfortable position and relax.
  2. Take a good look at the picture.
  3. Memorize the first image that came to your head and get acquainted with the result.
stress resistance test
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UFO (or flying saucer)

With stress resistance you have big problems. By nature, you are a hot-tempered person. You easily succumb to provocative influences, and take everything too personally.

You know better than anyone what it means to be on the verge of collapse. Nightmares often make it difficult for you to get enough sleep. You may be suffering from insomnia or panic attacks.

Due to strong psycho-emotional stress, negative symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and migraine are often manifested.

Important! The expression “all diseases are from the nerves” is not 100% true, but it definitely makes sense. You urgently need to learn how to abstract from external stimuli, otherwise your health will continue to deteriorate.

You are probably currently in a deep depression and do not know how to put your nerves in order. I recommend that you seek help from professional psychologists, for example, who work on our resource:


If the first thing you saw in the picture was an alien, then you react to stress in different ways, depending on the situation. You can hardly be called a stress-resistant person, but, nevertheless, you will not sink your head in the sand, like an ostrich, trying to hide from problems.

You are a real fighter in life. Problems don’t scare you, they just challenge you. Courage and determination are your constant companions.

You have great creativity, you love to dream and fantasize. Such emotional natures cannot completely abstract themselves from stress, so slight nervousness will be their constant companion in life. But it doesn’t stop you from living, right? Rather, it helps to focus on solving problems.

But still, in order to always stay focused and happy, I advise you to learn how to relax.

This will help:

  1. Breathing exercises.
  2. Yoga, meditation.
  3. Regular sports.
  4. Herbal tea.
  5. A good rest.

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Well, congratulations, you are the most stress-resistant person! The problems that arise do not unsettle you, but only provoke you. You believe that you can cope with any troubles, so you never despair. Keep it up!

You have a special gift – to charge others with positive. You give positive energy not only to loved ones, but also to unfamiliar people. They take great pleasure in communicating with you.

Stay calm in any situation. Handle carefully and judiciously. Never lose your composure. You are the soul of any company.

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