Psychological test – determine your subconscious fear

Every mentally healthy person is afraid of something. This is fine. Fears are conscious and unconscious. With the first, everything is simple. A person turns on the instinct of self-preservation, and he realizes that some things or phenomena need to be avoided. For instance: “I’m afraid to swim”, “I’m afraid of heights”, “I’m afraid of snakes” etc.

Unconscious fears are more complicated. People do not know their true fears, as they are deeply hidden in their subconscious. Fortunately, with the help of psychological tests, some of them can be brought to the surface.

We suggest you take this simple test that will show what you fear the most.

What do we have to do? Take a look at 6 blots. Choose the one that scares you the most.

Psychological test - identify your main inner fear
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Psychological test - identify your main inner fear

# 1 – you are afraid of uncertainty

Unreasonable panic, bouts of anxiety, apathy and neurosis are your companions in life. You often worry about trifles. You are one of the people living on a strict schedule, you are comfortable in the routine of life. If something unexpected happens, unforeseen, you fall into a stupor.

It is important for you to follow the rules, respect the schedule, and stay on schedule. Uncertainty doesn’t just bother you, it shocks, and at times, terrifies.

How to be? Ideally, you should work with a therapist on fears of uncertainty and unreasonable anxiety. For example, you can seek advice from Natalya Kaptsova, a psychologist at Bologny magazine.

# 2 – you are afraid of falling in love and being betrayed

Surely not so long ago you experienced a serious love trauma. Someone broke your heart, hurt you and disappointed you. Since then, you subconsciously set yourself up to distrust other people. This attitude prevents you from building a happy relationship.

Understand that people are different. You need to understand why you have experienced such a serious psychological trauma in the past, draw a conclusion and build a new, better relationship, only with another person. If you do not get rid of this unconscious fear, alas, the likelihood of experiencing a similar tragedy in the future is high.

We recommend that you make an appointment with one of our expert psychotherapists. They can help you gain self-confidence as well as relieve the fear of building new relationships.

Bologny expert consultants services:

# 3 – you are afraid of change

You are not one of those people who easily step out of your comfort zone. The anticipation of change throws you into shock, makes you experience moral suffering.

You feel comfortable in a familiar, time-tested environment. Changing jobs, moving, parting with a loved one or friend – all this makes you lose ground from under your feet, feel unhappy, morally broken.

If you are pathologically afraid of change, we recommend that you consult an experienced psychotherapist.

# 4 – you are afraid of criticism

You are an insecure person who gets very upset when someone expresses dissatisfaction with you in any form. Critics are scared like fire. It hurts you painfully, hurting your pride. For this reason, you try to avoid communicating with people as much as possible.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely protect oneself from the toxic effects of some individuals. In society, we have to interact with different people. However, you are able to create a mental shield around you that will protect you from any negative information. Just imagine that some force is protecting you, then the poisons and toxins released by the critics cannot penetrate you.

If your problem is much more serious, it is recommended that you work it out with an experienced therapist. For example, you can seek advice from one of the experts of our magazine:

# 5 – you are afraid of lack of implementation

“The pursuit of success” is the main motto of your life. You are a bright, cheerful person who dreams of a wonderful life. But, deep in your subconscious, the fear of unrealization is firmly rooted. You are afraid that someday you will face disappointment, longing and apathy, because you have not been able to achieve anything in life. You may also be afraid of lack of money, poverty, disappointment in you, someone close to you.

If you often experience sudden panic attacks due to fear of lack of realization, you need to work through your fear with a therapist.

# 6 – you are afraid of material things

There are hardly any secret fears or complexes lurking in your subconscious mind. You are an open-minded, friendly person who is afraid of material objects, that is, those with which you can interact. What options? You may be intimidated by spiders, snakes, sharp objects, etc.

Your main fear is to hurt yourself physically. You are afraid of bites, injections, in general, of everything that can injure you.

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